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  1. How many notes in a scale does an octave span?
  2. What 20th century Hungarian composer combined folk music elements with European classical style?
  3. The librettist for Wagner's music dramas was:
  4. What happens to Billy at the end of Billy the Kid?
  5. How many bars is in the standard blues song repeating pattern?
  1. a The composer himself.
  2. b Billy is tracked down and killed by his childhood friend Sheriff Pat Garrett.
  3. c Twelve.
  4. d Bela Bartok
  5. e Eight.

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  1. The ripieno.
  2. Sonata-allegro.
  3. Recapitulation.
  4. The piano.
  5. A half-step.

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  1. Is Billy the Kid an opera, ballet, or a cantata?Eight.


  2. Vivaldi's music students at the Conservatorio del'Ospedale della Pieta were:Young women.


  3. Beethoven's career is often divided into ----- periods.Three.


  4. Opera that featured huge choruses, elaborate dance scenes, ornate costumes and scenery, and serious historical plots is called:Public concert hall.


  5. Vivaldi was known as "the red priest" for:Gilda, Rigoletto's daughter.


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