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  1. Beethoven's career is often divided into ----- periods.
  2. Which best describes the opening idea of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?
  3. The smallest interval in our Western musical system is called:
  4. A theme may be fragmented by dividing it into smaller units called:
  5. Which best describes the style of the third movement of Brahm's Symphony No. 3?
  1. a A half-step.
  2. b A melancholic waltz.
  3. c A four-note motive.
  4. d Motives.
  5. e Three.

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  1. Scat singing.
  2. Recitative.
  3. A peasant wedding, nymphs in the moonlight, and patriotic castles.
  4. Palestrina.
  5. The daughter of his piano teacher, one fo the foremost pianists of her day, and the inspiration for A Poet's Love.

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  1. Which two instruments would most likely have played the basso continuo in the Baroque era?The piano.


  2. The most important patron of music in the Middle Ages was:A musical idea that is used as a building block.


  3. Which of the following is NOT a type of orchestral program music?Concerto.


  4. A drama that is sung is called:Scott Joplin.


  5. An Italian comic opera is called:An aria.


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