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  1. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's Under the Greenwood Tree is written for:
  2. Who was Haydn's principal patron?
  3. Music for a small ensemble of two to about ten players with one player to a part is called:
  4. A short phrase repeated over and over in the bass is called:
  5. Wagner called his operas:
  1. a Prince Esterhazy.
  2. b Music dramas.
  3. c A ground bass.
  4. d Chamber music.
  5. e Unaccompanied four-voice choir.

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  1. Camptown Races.
  2. A four-note motive.
  3. Mozart.
  4. There is no break between the third and fourth movements.
  5. The size of orchestras decreased, making for more compact ensembles.

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  1. A jazz style that sets syllables without meaning (vocables) to an improvised vocal line.Scat singing.


  2. ----- is NOT an important composer of nineteenth-century Lieder.Nine.


  3. The late Renaissance madrigal came to full flower in the music of:Lied.


  4. Which American city is the birthplace of jazz?Lied.


  5. What is the program, or story, behind Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun?The text describes a faun, a mythological creature of the forest that is half man, half goat. This "simple sensuous passionate being" awakes in the woods and tries to remember: was he visited by three lovely nymphs, or was this but a dream? He will never know. The sun is warm, the earth fragrant. He curls himself up and falls into a wine-drugged sleep.


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