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  1. George Frederic Handel was considered master of:
  2. ----- is NOT an important composer of nineteenth-century Lieder.
  3. Opera that featured huge choruses, elaborate dance scenes, ornate costumes and scenery, and serious historical plots is called:
  4. Wagner's cycle of four music dramas is called:
  5. What is unusual about Beethoven's Symphony No. 5?
  1. a The oratorio.
  2. b There is no break between the third and fourth movements.
  3. c The Ring of the Nibelung.
  4. d Grand opera.
  5. e Heinrich Heine.

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  1. Mexico.
  2. Music dramas.
  3. A program symphony.
  4. Verdi.
  5. Baroque era.

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  1. Beethoven's famous Moonlight Sonata has ------ movements.Tragically.


  2. Which best describes the lyrical melodies of the Classical period?Conjunct, diatonic, and singable.


  3. Which is NOT true of Brahm's German Requiem?Mexico.


  4. The group of early Baroque writers, artists, and musicians whose aim was to resurrect the musical drama of ancient Greece was known as:The Florentine Camerata.


  5. Which best describes the inspiration for Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique?The actress Harriet Smithson.


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