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  1. The Classical period in music ranged from approximately:
  2. What does NOT characterize Gregorian chant?
  3. Which of the following is a well-known set of concertos by Vivaldi?
  4. The most important keyboard instrument of the Romantic period was:
  5. Dido sings her famous lament in Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas just prior to:
  1. a Triadic harmonies.
  2. b The piano.
  3. c The Four Seasons.
  4. d Killing herself.
  5. e 1750-1825.

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  1. Gilda, Rigoletto's daughter.
  2. Ethnomusicology.
  3. Suite.
  4. Eight.
  5. The most gifted child prodigy in the history of music.

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  1. Using material from an earlier movement in a symphony is called:The ripieno.


  2. Begli occhi, by Barbara Strozzi, is written for:Two sopranos and basso continuo.


  3. Vivaldi's music students at the Conservatorio del'Ospedale della Pieta were:Young women.


  4. Who was John Phillip Sousa, i.e. what was he famous for?Elaborate scenery.


  5. A twentieth-century style that combined elements of Classical and Baroque music with modernist trends.Minuet and trio form.


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