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  1. a lung infection
  2. C-shaped rings of cartilage on the outside of the trachea and bronchi that keep them from collapsing and allow them to move
  3. tiny blood vessels that surround the alveoli
  4. the amount of air taken into the lungs by one breath
  5. control the movement of the lungs
  6. a non-contagious condition which causes the small bronchial tubes to become narrow from time to time

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  1. lungstwo saclike organs that replace the carbon dioxide in your blood with oxygen


  2. bronchian infection of the bronchi


  3. allergiesa non-contagious condition which causes people to have an allergic reaction to dust, pollen, or other particles in the air


  4. bronchial tubessmaller tubes that branch off from the bronchi


  5. lower respiratory systemnose, throat, and larynx


  6. upper respiratory systemnose, throat, and larynx


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