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  1. two tubes (air passages) which branch off the trachea
  2. two saclike organs that replace the carbon dioxide in your blood with oxygen
  3. smaller tubes that branch off from the bronchi
  4. many diseases and health problems
  5. nose, throat, and larynx
  6. an infection of the bronchi

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  1. bronchial tubesan infection of the bronchi


  2. allergiestiny air sacs in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged


  3. diaphragm and chest musclescontrol the movement of the lungs


  4. lower respiratory systembelow the larynx; from the trachea to the lungs


  5. during an asthma attackmuscles around the bronchial tubes tighten more than normal; airways can become swollen and irritated; difficulty breathing; coughing & wheezing


  6. pneumoniaa lung infection


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