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Work and Simple Machines Test

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  1. What is an inclined plane?
  2. what is a machine's mechanical advantage? if i say a machine has a mechanical advantage of 20, what does that mean?
  3. What is the fulcrum of a lever?
  4. ---> ----> Doing work?
  5. What is "power", scientifically speaking?
  1. a a simple machine with a straight, slanted surface.
  2. b Yes
  3. c it means that the machine multiplies the force you put into it twenty times. so, if the machine multiplies the force by 20, you would only have to put in a small amount of force to do a large amount of work.
  4. d the rate at which work is done.
  5. e stays still, like the middle of a seesaw.

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  1. P=W / T, the unit Watts
  2. a double inclined plane that moves.
  3. a machine made of two or more simple machines. example: scissors, can openers
  4. we need to know the size of the force that was put on the object, and how far the object moved.
  5. a inclined plane that is wrapped in a spiral, usually on a rod, but not always.

5 True/False Questions

  1. What is the formula to calculating work?P=W / T, the unit Watts


  2. Whats a wheel and axle?turn a door knob (the wheel) the axle moves, to unfasten the door.


  3. ^ ---> Doing work?No


  4. What is a lever? list two other examples of a lever.stays still, like the middle of a seesaw.


  5. If machines do not reduce the amount of work being done, how do they help us?No, the same amount of work is done, whether you do it yourself, or use a machine.


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