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Euro Final: Semester 1, Unit 2 Test

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  1. Cardinal Granvelle
  2. Six Articles
  3. Catholic Counter-Reformation
  4. Nation-States
  5. "Paris is worth a mass"
  1. a The reason Henry IV gave when he converted to Catholicism
  2. b headed council of state in Netherlands, wanted to check Protestant gains through internal church reforms
  3. c the seven sacraments were upheld, Catholic theology was maintained against the tenets of both Lutheranism and Calvinism, and the authority of the monarch replaced the authority of the Pope.
  4. d The movement in the 16th century within the Catholic church to reform itself as a result of the Protestant Reformation.
  5. e Nation States were ruled by people who shared a common culture and language so they appealed to a certain loyalty that linked cultural and political bonds. People within Nation States believed that the government should act for the interests of everyone within its rule and provide help for people when it was needed, as opposed to serving the royal family and suiting their best interests.

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  1. French family who worked to control Francis II. Family members were members of government and religion such as Duke and Cardinals. The family was known for being militants
  2. a family consisting of parents and their children and grandparents of a marital partner
  3. (1581) Northern provinces (from Union of Utrecht) form their own country and declare independence from King of Spain
  4. Do not support birth control
  5. a monastery, convent, or other place where one may follow a quiet religious way of life

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  1. 95 Theseswrote the Book of Common Prayer


  2. Protestant Marriagea follower of Calvinism as taught in the Presbyterian Church


  3. Black Legendart that originated in Rome and is associated with the Catholic Reformation, characterized by emotional intensity, strong self-confidence, spirit


  4. Population BoomAn increase in the number of people in the world caused by better medical care, increased food supplies, and decreasing death rates.


  5. Michael Servetusa Spaniard who was among the chief thinkers for the Anti-Trinitarians. He was executed in 1553 in Geneva for "blasphemies against the Holy Trinity." This thinker was among the strongest opponents of Calvinism, especially its belief in original sin and predestination and has a deserved reputation of defending religious tolerance.


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