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  1. Sale of Indulgences
  2. Mary Stuart
  3. Haves/haves nots
  4. Edict of Nantes
  5. Philip Melancthon
  1. a a person or group with more cargo, surplus, or power, as opposed to a group or person that has less cargo, surplus, power, or none at all.
  2. b 1598 - Granted the Huguenots liberty of conscience and worship.
  3. c Melancthon also a big supporter/promoter of education. Literacy very important to individual interpretation of the Bible. Wrote Augsburg Confession.
  4. d the issue that initiated the Protestant Reformation--paying a fee to the Church so that a person could escape purgatory and go to heaven (began in the Crusades) used to raise money for the Church
  5. e queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567, as a Catholic she was forced to abdicate in favor of her son and fled to England where she was imprisoned by Elizabeth I; when Catholic supporters plotted to put her on the English throne she was tried and executed

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  1. abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows), an unmarried status
  2. Mass slaying of Huguenots (Calvinists) in Paris, on Saint Bartholomew's Day, 1572.
  3. Political leader of the Huguenots and a member of the Bourbon dynasty, succeeded to the throne as Henry IV. He realized that as a Protestant he would never be accepted by Catholic France, so he converted to Catholicism. When he became king in 1594, the fighting in France finally came to an end.
  4. a follower of Calvinism as taught in the Presbyterian Church
  5. 1525, peasants revolted because they thought that the nobles were unjust: taking land, making peasants give up animals, etc., said that the scriptures supported them and that Luther could vouch for them. Luther didn't want the revolt, didn't think scriptures supported, didn't want to oppose secular legal powers, etc.

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  1. John Tetzelone of the most famous Elizabethan Sea Dogs; deeply involved in slave trade and transported people from West Africa to the New World; eventually overshadowed by his partner Francis Drake, though he was highly successful too


  2. 30 Years' WarInitially the war was fought largely as a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire, although disputes over the internal politics and balance of power within the Empire played a significant part.


  3. Edward VIDaughter of Catherine and Henry VIII, tried to return England to Catholicism, killed many protestant heretics, married Philip II of Spain.


  4. Scottish ReformationJohn Knox had brought Calvinism to Scotland from Switzerland, formed the national Presbyterian Church, named for the presbyters.


  5. Ulrich ZwingliSwiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)


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