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  1. Zen (Chan)
  2. karma
  3. Right Thinking
  4. Ti
  5. Li
  1. a ceremony/rites; tradition; actions that can include everything you do in a days time; brings upon harmony
  2. b something good-cause and effect
  3. c Righteousness or Justice. The state of doing good. Consists of Zhong and Shu as well
  4. d Focus on meditation; "The Mind;" Simplicity; Non-ritualistic; Self-realization
  5. e 1. Am I sure? 2. What am I doing? 3. Mind of Love
    committing to follow the path to enlightenment and freeing oneself from desires to do wrong

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  1. pleasure seeker
  2. Great social skills; Knowing what life is like for others and understanding where they are coming fro to live in someone else's shows. The Golden Rule
  3. practice of touching love and preventing harm; complete non-violence towards ourselves and others.
    live ethically, not stealing and not killing
  4. Ritual practice; Combined with local beliefs; Ritual brings enlightenment
  5. Speak truthfully; not speaking with forked tongue; speak only when what you have to say is better than silence; not speaking cruelly; not exaggerating; listen mindfully; understand person you're speaking to

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  1. samsarathe infinite cycle of rebirth and death


  2. Buddhaknowledge; education; understanding


  3. fourth noble truththe path itself that leads to the state of being where suffering doesn't affect you


  4. nirvanathe state of supreme peace; enlightenment


  5. Xion ShunFilial Piety/Filial Devotion
    Love and respect for parents, grandparents, and dead ancestors


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