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  1. Right Mindfulness
  2. fourth noble truth
  3. Zen (Chan)
  4. Tibetan (Tantric)
  5. nirvana
  1. a Ritual practice; Combined with local beliefs; Ritual brings enlightenment
  2. b the path itself that leads to the state of being where suffering doesn't affect you
  3. c Live in the present moment; Accept everything without judging or reacting; Sustain appropriate attention throughout the day
  4. d the state of supreme peace; enlightenment
  5. e Focus on meditation; "The Mind;" Simplicity; Non-ritualistic; Self-realization

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  1. knowledge; education; understanding
  2. one who deprives him/herself of food, water, necessities for life
  3. a title that means the awakened one
  4. humanity, benevolence and charity. State of existence where you're always focused on Tao in everyday life
  5. is the Noble Truth

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  1. samsarathe infinite cycle of rebirth and death


  2. HedonistRuler to Ruled; Husband to Wife; Father to Son; Elder brother to Younger brother; Friend to friend


  3. Theravadathe state of supreme peace; enlightenment


  4. Shuknowledge; education; understanding


  5. Right SpeechSpeak truthfully; not speaking with forked tongue; speak only when what you have to say is better than silence; not speaking cruelly; not exaggerating; listen mindfully; understand person you're speaking to


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