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  1. Buddha
  2. Right Speech
  3. 5 Bonds
  4. fourth noble truth
  5. Ren/Jen
  1. a Ruler to Ruled; Husband to Wife; Father to Son; Elder brother to Younger brother; Friend to friend
  2. b Speak truthfully; not speaking with forked tongue; speak only when what you have to say is better than silence; not speaking cruelly; not exaggerating; listen mindfully; understand person you're speaking to
  3. c humanity, benevolence and charity. State of existence where you're always focused on Tao in everyday life
  4. d a title that means the awakened one
  5. e the path itself that leads to the state of being where suffering doesn't affect you

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  1. Filial Piety/Filial Devotion
    Love and respect for parents, grandparents, and dead ancestors
  2. ceremony/rites; tradition; actions that can include everything you do in a days time; brings upon harmony
  3. why you suffer
  4. there exists a state where there is no suffering
  5. is the Noble Truth

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  1. Zhongwholeheartedness


  2. Theravadathe state of supreme peace; enlightenment


  3. Tibetan (Tantric)Focus on meditation; "The Mind;" Simplicity; Non-ritualistic; Self-realization


  4. karmaCentral Law of Life-"Truth"


  5. Right Thinking1. Am I sure? 2. What am I doing? 3. Mind of Love
    committing to follow the path to enlightenment and freeing oneself from desires to do wrong


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