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  1. Anaphase I
  2. Anaphase II
  3. Explain what causes the different colors in the wings of western white butterflies.
  4. Multiple alleles
  5. Prophase I
  1. a Western white butterflies that hatch in the spring have darker wing patterns than those who hatch in the summer.
  2. b a gene that has more than two alleles
  3. c The fibers pull the homologous chromosomes toward opposite ends of the cell
  4. d Each chromosome pairs with its corresponding homologous chromosome to form a tetrad.
  5. e the sister chromatids separate and move toward opposite ends of the cell

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  1. meiosis II results in 4 haploid daughter cells
  2. 50% tall and short; TT, Tt, tt; Pea plant height may be either tall or short.
  3. Mendel's principles of heredity form the basis of modern genetics.
  4. states that the pair of alleles for each parent seperate and only one allele passes from each parent to an offspring
  5. sex cells

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  1. How can two alleles from different genes be inherited together?Punnett squares use probability to predict the combinations of alleles in a genetic cross.


  2. What symbol is used to represent a haploid?The trait is visible whenever a dominant allele is present in the genotype such as TT or Tt(both tall)


  3. If an offspring is homozygous recessive, what do you know about the parents?Mendel's principles of heredity form the basis of modern genetics.


  4. CodominanceSituation in which the phenotypes produced by both alleles are completely expressed


  5. Metaphase ISpindle fibers attach to the chromosomes


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