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  1. What happens during each phase of Meiosis I?
  2. If an organism's diploid number is 46, what is the number for haploid?
  3. Example of a phenotype in pea plants and list the genotype
  4. How many alleles for a particular trait do pea plants inherit from each parent?
  5. What happens during each phase of Meiosis II?
  1. a During prophase, the chromosomes become visible. During metaphase, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. During anaphase, the chromatids seperate. During telophase and cytokinesis, four new haploid cells are formed.
  2. b During prophase, each copied chromosome matches up with its homologous chromosome. Crossing-over increases the allele combinations on chromatids. In metaphase, spindle fibers form. In anaphase, chromatids seperate. In telophase, a nuclear membrane forms around the chromosomes. During cytokinnesis, the cells spilt, and two cells are made.
  3. c There is only one allele for a particular trait.
  4. d 50% tall and short; TT, Tt, tt; Pea plant height may be either tall or short.
  5. e 23

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  1. specific characteristic of an individual
  2. trait controlled by two or more genes
  3. Environmental conditions can change the gene expression and influence genetically controlled traits.
  4. the genetic makeup of an organism
  5. meiosis I results in two haploid daugther cells, each with half the number of chromosomes as the original cell

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  1. Telophase I and CytokinesisNuclear membranes form. The cell separates into two cells.


  2. What symbol is used to represent a haploid?2N; N represents the single set of chromosomes found in a gamete.


  3. Crossing-overprocess in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis


  4. What does recessive mean?The trait is visible whenever a dominant allele is present in the genotype such as TT or Tt(both tall)


  5. Probabilityspecific characteristic of an individual


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