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  1. What happens during each phase of Meiosis I?
  2. Example of a polygenic trait in humans.
  3. What is the reason for codominance?
  4. Why did Mendel use pea plants for his model organism?
  5. Explain how to determine the gametes for a dihybrid cross when the parent gamete is TtYy
  1. a They are small and are easy to grow
  2. b Skin color
  3. c The phenotypes for both alleles are equally expressed in the offspring.
  4. d During prophase, each copied chromosome matches up with its homologous chromosome. Crossing-over increases the allele combinations on chromatids. In metaphase, spindle fibers form. In anaphase, chromatids seperate. In telophase, a nuclear membrane forms around the chromosomes. During cytokinnesis, the cells spilt, and two cells are made.
  5. e TtYy; First: TY; Outside: Ty; Inside: tY; Last: Ty. The F.O.I.L. method determines all the possible allele combinations

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  1. meiosis II results in 4 haploid daughter cells
  2. Environmental conditions can change the gene expression and influence genetically controlled traits.
  3. The trait is visible whenever a dominant allele is present in the genotype such as TT or Tt(both tall)
  4. Allele
  5. one of a number of different forms of a gene

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  1. Describe a situation in flowers that show incomplete dominanceone allele is not completely dominant over the other allele


  2. Explain what causes the different colors in the wings of western white butterflies.Western white butterflies that hatch in the spring have darker wing patterns than those who hatch in the summer.


  3. Multiple allelesa gene that has more than two alleles


  4. Metaphase IIThe fibers pull the homologous chromosomes toward opposite ends of the cell


  5. What are some exceptions to Mendel's principles?Traits can be controlled by incomplete alleles and codominant alleles, or by genes with more than two possible alleles. Traits can also be controlled by several genes.


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