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  1. Independent assortment
  2. If an offspring is homozygous recessive, what do you know about the parents?
  3. How many sets of genes are found in most adult organisms?
  4. Homozygous
  5. Anaphase I
  1. a having two identical alleles for a trait
  2. b The diploid cells of most adult organisms contain two complete sets of inherited chromosomes and so two complete sets of genes.
  3. c The fibers pull the homologous chromosomes toward opposite ends of the cell
  4. d One of Mendel's principles that states that genes for different traits can segregate independently during the formation of gametes
  5. e The offspring recieved one recessive allele from each parent.

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  1. Chromosome pairs of the same length, centromere positions, and staining patterns for the same characteristics.
  2. There is only one allele for a particular trait.
  3. The phenotypes for both alleles are equally expressed in the offspring.
  4. term used to refer to a cell that contains two sets of homologous chromosomes
  5. Pure bred means that the plants self-pollinate and produce offspring identical to themselves.

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  1. Genotypethe genetic makeup of an organism


  2. Telophase I and CytokinesisNuclear membranes form. The cell separates into two cells.


  3. Genessex cells


  4. What symbol is used to represent a diploid?2N; N represents the single set of chromosomes found in a gamete.


  5. Heterozygousterm used to refer to chromosomes in which one set comes from the male parent and one set comes from the female parent


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