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  1. subterfuge
  2. legion
  3. harry
  4. knave
  5. brunt
  1. a (n) the main impact, force, or blow
  2. b (v) to make a destructive raid on; to torment or harrass
  3. c (n) a large military force; a large number of people; (adj) many
  4. d (n) a tricky, unprincipled, or deceitful person
  5. e (n) an excuse or trick for escaping or hiding something

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  1. (n) a fighter; (adj) engaged in fighting
  2. (n) one who begins a lawsuit, accuser
  3. (n) generosity
  4. (v) to draw out or lengthen in space or time; extend
  5. (v) to deliver a loud, ranting speech; (n) a loud speech

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  1. quarry(v) to cut or take from; (n) a place stone is taken from or prey


  2. spurn(v) to refuse with scorn, reject, turn down


  3. boorish(n) the main impact, force, or blow


  4. probe(n) the main impact, force, or blow


  5. actuate(v) to move to action; to impel


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