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  1. The term used to describe the Confederate foreign policy was
  2. The compromise of 1850
  3. Northern attempts to attack slavery were limited by
  4. The social Darwinist
  5. A minimal Reconstruction policy was favored by
  1. a The absence of federal authority to regulate slavery
  2. b Congress
  3. c Abolished the slave trade in the district of Columbia
  4. d King Cotton diplomacy
  5. e Believed that laws of nature applied to society

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  1. were the most radical american labor union
  2. Was fostered by the actions of African-American troops fighting for the union
  3. would be long and difficult
  4. Rapid readmission of the southern states to the union
  5. Thomas edison

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  1. The Roosevelt corollary was an extension of theMonroe Doctrine


  2. The leader of the Filipino resistance movement against the U.S. occupation of the Philippines wasEmilio Aguinaldo


  3. The author of uncle toms cabin washarriet beecher stowe


  4. the dred scott decisionBelieved that laws of nature applied to society


  5. Jane Addams was the founder ofwas plagued by a series of violent, anti-draft riots


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