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  1. In the Kansas-Nebraska act, stephen douglas attempted to set up territorial government on the basis of
  2. How did the american government affect industrial growth
  3. The German sinking of the ______ in 1915 cost 128 American lives and enraged the American public
  4. John Browns raid on Harper's ferry
  5. The diplomatic objective of the Confederacy was to
  1. a forge alliances with England and France
  2. b it provided incentives for growth
  3. c Lusitania
  4. d Increased southern fears of northern hostility
  5. e popular sovereignty

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  1. tenure of office act
  2. Illegal voting by Missouri residents
  3. Only slaves in the Confederacy
  4. Frederick Taylor
  5. Emilio Aguinaldo

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  1. The presidents reconstruction plans were committed toCongress


  2. in the late nineteenth century, farmers on the great plains usually lived inisolated farmhouses


  3. Which of the following groups was disappointed by the fifteenth amendmentFeminists


  4. The most significant blow to to native american tribal life on the plains wasSharpsburg


  5. Which of the following were the most important inventions of the late nineteenth centuryTelephone and electricity


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