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  1. Northern attempts to attack slavery were limited by
  2. The Thirteenth Amendment
  3. the most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century was
  4. Who was the wests largest landowner
  5. The industrial workers of the world
  1. a The absence of federal authority to regulate slavery
  2. b were the most radical american labor union
  3. c Was fostered by the actions of African-American troops fighting for the union
  4. d Tammany Hall
  5. e The federal government

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  1. Jacob riis
  2. Proposed to keep china open to the trade of all nations
  3. Settlers would determine whether a territory would have slavery
  4. Understood how to organize steel industry management and its financial structure to his best advantage
  5. A strong central government

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  1. During WW1, approximately American soldiers died in EuropeNortheast


  2. A social gospel minister believed thatWas vague and at the mercy of the courts


  3. W. E. B. Du BoisBelieved educational advancement was the key to success


  4. The first major industry to attract numbers of people to the wast wasHenry Clay


  5. The Sherman Antitrust actproposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico


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