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  1. The presidents reconstruction plans were committed to
  2. The basic confederate strategy was to
  3. President Wilson initial reaction to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 was to
  4. In the beginning, the civil war was
  5. Recovery for the south from the devastation of civil war
  1. a wage a defensive struggle
  2. b declare united states neutrality
  3. c Rapid readmission of the southern states to the union
  4. d would be long and difficult
  5. e A struggle to preserve the union

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  1. were young and single
  2. Emilio Aguinaldo
  3. teaching
  4. harriet beecher stowe
  5. supply and demand regulated wages

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  1. The most important figure in american finance wasJ. P. Morgan


  2. Which of the following were the most important inventions of the late nineteenth centuryA strong central government


  3. The bloodiest one-day battle of the war waswage a defensive struggle


  4. In which type of organization does a company own all elements from raw material to finished productvertical integration


  5. John Browns raid on Harper's ferryIncreased southern fears of northern hostility


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