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  1. The leader of Mexican forces that raided Americas borders was
  2. Which of the following was NOT a provision of the confederate Constitution
  3. Industrial growth was concentrated in the
  4. The bloodiest one-day battle of the war was
  5. The presidents reconstruction plans were committed to
  1. a A strong central government
  2. b Northeast
  3. c Rapid readmission of the southern states to the union
  4. d Pancho villa
  5. e Sharpsburg

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  1. was supremely concerned with world peace
  2. generally accepted neutrality
  3. Tammany Hall
  4. the reservation system
  5. it provided incentives for growth

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  1. The Zimmerman telegramwas caused by the economic changes of the period


  2. In which type of organization does a company own all elements from raw material to finished productvertical integration


  3. as a result of the plessy vs. Ferguson decisionAfrican american education was to be separate but equal to white education


  4. in the late nineteenth century, farmers on the great plains usually lived into define boundaries for each tribe and sign treaties with them


  5. Initial government policy toward the plains tribes wasto define boundaries for each tribe and sign treaties with them


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