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  1. which one of the following individual took a gradualist approach to African american concerns
  2. The most famous of the urban political bosses in the late nineteenth century was
  3. During the war, the Confederate economy
  4. The open door policy
  5. The religious movement that believed Christianity must have a goal of meeting the needs of the urban poor was
  1. a suffered from severe inflation
  2. b Booker T Washington
  3. c Proposed to keep china open to the trade of all nations
  4. d William tweed
  5. e The social gospel

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  1. Familiar terrain and public support
  2. Increased southern fears of northern hostility
  3. supply and demand regulated wages
  4. J. P. Morgan
  5. it provided incentives for growth

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  1. In the dred scott case, the first question faced by the supreme court waswhether or not scott was a citizen


  2. When lincoln became president of the united statesSharpsburg


  3. The German sinking of the ______ in 1915 cost 128 American lives and enraged the American publicLusitania


  4. Which of the following was NOT a provision of the confederate Constitutionnomadic and warlike


  5. The bloodiest one-day battle of the war wasA struggle to preserve the union


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