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  1. During the war, the Confederate economy
  2. New methods of production in the first years of the twentieth century
  3. In the 1850s, the most important example of literary abolitionism was
  4. The industrial workers of the world
  5. The open door policy
  1. a were large-scale and mechanized
  2. b Proposed to keep china open to the trade of all nations
  3. c suffered from severe inflation
  4. d were the most radical american labor union
  5. e Uncle toms cabin

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  1. William tweed
  2. Believed that self-help was the best plan for African Americans
  3. Sharpsburg
  4. tenure of office act
  5. Susan B. Anthony

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  1. To the publishers of yellow journalismproposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico


  2. which organization led the fight for equal rights and educationAfrican american education was to be separate but equal to white education


  3. The leader of Mexican forces that raided Americas borders wasJ. P. Morgan


  4. The emancipation proclamation freedBelieved that laws of nature applied to society


  5. which one of the following individual took a gradualist approach to African american concernsBooker T Washington


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