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  1. The author of uncle toms cabin was
  2. The most famous of the urban political bosses in the late nineteenth century was
  3. Who was the wests largest landowner
  4. as a result of the plessy vs. Ferguson decision
  5. Henry ford showed that enormous revenues could come from
  1. a William tweed
  2. b The federal government
  3. c African american education was to be separate but equal to white education
  4. d harriet beecher stowe
  5. e small unit profit on a large volume sales

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  1. Uncle toms cabin
  2. A struggle to preserve the union
  3. Increased southern fears of northern hostility
  4. Henry Clay
  5. They reflected the growing differences between the sections

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  1. Northern attempts to attack slavery were limited byThe absence of federal authority to regulate slavery


  2. The free soil movement supported the exclusion of slavery from the territories because ofRacial prejudice and fear of labor competition from slaves


  3. which organization led the fight for equal rights and educationwage a defensive struggle


  4. The Thirteenth AmendmentWas fostered by the actions of African-American troops fighting for the union


  5. A social gospel minister believed thatthe church must actively participate in society


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