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  1. which of the following best describe the plains tribes
  2. The industrial workers of the world
  3. Northern attempts to attack slavery were limited by
  4. The compromise of 1850
  5. in the late nineteenth century, farmers on the great plains usually lived in
  1. a nomadic and warlike
  2. b were the most radical american labor union
  3. c The absence of federal authority to regulate slavery
  4. d Abolished the slave trade in the district of Columbia
  5. e isolated farmhouses

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  1. W. E. B. Du bois
  2. Illegal voting by Missouri residents
  3. was plagued by a series of violent, anti-draft riots
  4. Uncle toms cabin
  5. U.S vs.E. C. Knight

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  1. The social DarwinistWas vague and at the mercy of the courts


  2. The most significant blow to to native american tribal life on the plains wasthe reservation system


  3. The notorious head of the NY city political machine wasHenry Clay


  4. Who was the wests largest landownerThe federal government


  5. Andrew Carnegies success could be attributed to the fact that heUnderstood how to organize steel industry management and its financial structure to his best advantage


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