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  1. Excruciating
  2. Imploring
  3. Integrity
  4. Wryly
  5. Obsolete
  1. a No longer in use
  2. b Lopsideness of the facial fetures.
  3. c Total honisty and sincerity.
  4. d Causing great pain.
  5. e To call apon with a humble request.

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  1. Easily seen.
  2. Releaced from.
  3. Regretful
  4. A quality belonging to a particular person or thing.
  5. Sad; Depressed

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  1. AssimilatedTo take something in and make it part of the thing that it has joined.


  2. ProhibitedTo forbid by athority.


  3. ImpededTo stop the progress of.


  4. TentativelyJoyful; Enthusiastic


  5. AnguishDistress of body or mind


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