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  1. debut
  2. incident
  3. predatory
  4. delectable
  5. irrelevant
  1. a living by killing and eating other animals; living by robbing or stealing from others
  2. b a first public appearance
  3. c pleasing to the senses; delicious
  4. d something that happens in real life
  5. e Having nothing to do with the subject.

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  1. a member of one group that settles briefly in one place and then moves on
  2. the condition of being genuine
  3. to follow; to come as a result of
  4. wreath or chain of leaves and flowers
  5. to cover, as with water from a flood; to load with an excessive amount or number of something

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  1. devourto eat up hungrily; to take in eagerly with the eyes or ears


  2. raptureto gain ownership of something


  3. initiateto destroy completely


  4. correspondto match; to exchange letters with another person


  5. acknowledgeTo admit the existence of. + To express recognition or thanks for.


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