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  1. aghast
  2. ponder
  3. citrus
  4. comprise
  5. solitude
  1. a a fruit of the family that includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes; a tree that produces these fruits
  2. b to make up; to consist of
  3. c shocked
  4. d to think about; to consider carefully
  5. e being alone

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  1. having many twists and turns; sneaky
  2. a creature that lives by killing; a person who lives by robbing
  3. Bound to happen; unavoidable.
  4. Sharp, irritating, or bitter to the senses of taste or smell.
  5. inclined to act without thinking; hasty

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  1. dilapidatedTo get in the way of; to interfere with the movement of.


  2. supervisorsoldiers stationed in a place to protect it; a military place of protection, together with its soldiers and weapons; to provide soldiers with a place to live


  3. haughtyA person killed or injured in a war or accident.


  4. pluckbefore


  5. strenuousinclined to act without thinking; hasty


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