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  1. slaughter
  2. heed
  3. placate
  4. ruthless
  5. grievous
  1. a to pay attention to
  2. b showing no mercy; pitiless
  3. c to kill for meat; to kill in large numbers or in a cruel way; the killing of an animal for food
  4. d causing grief or pain; hard to bear
  5. e to stop from being angry; to calm

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  1. having characteristics of a nomad
  2. to stir up anger or dislike
  3. a person who goes before others
  4. the ability to do what is needed
  5. to save and put away, especially secretly; anything in such a manner

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  1. strenuousinclined to act without thinking; hasty


  2. headlong1. With great speed or force; reckless. 2. Recklessly; without time for careful thought.


  3. competenthaving the ability to do what is needed


  4. administerto warn; to criticize gently


  5. respiteto sink to a lower level;to become quieter or less active


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