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  1. ensue
  2. plumage
  3. sham
  4. loath
  5. impunity
  1. a to follow; to come as a result of
  2. b unwilling
  3. c Something fake or false. + Not genuine; fake. + To pretend
  4. d a bird's feathers
  5. e freedom from being harmed or punished

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  1. a particular period in history
  2. easily injured (emotionally and physically)
  3. to pull off or out; to pick
  4. to stir up anger or dislike
  5. very angry

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  1. stringentneeding quick action or attention


  2. addicta person with a very strong desire for something that is habit-forming and sometimes harmful


  3. admonitionthe act of renovating


  4. inundateto cover, as with water from a flood; to load with an excessive amount or number of something


  5. superviseto direct or manage activities


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