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  1. blatant
  2. grievous
  3. invincible
  4. adequate
  5. latitude
  1. a very obvious in an offensive or shameless way
  2. b causing grief or pain; hard to bear
  3. c enough; sufficient
  4. d the distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees; freedom from strict rles
  5. e impossible to defeat

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  1. To admit the existence of. + To express recognition or thanks for.
  2. Bound to happen; unavoidable.
  3. a choice item of food; great consideration for the feelings of others
  4. in poor condition
  5. a fruit of the family that includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes; a tree that produces these fruits

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  1. devoidto answer, especially in a quick or clever way


  2. dumbfoundto eat up hungrily; to take in eagerly with the eyes or ears


  3. administerto disturb or upset ; to move with irregular, fast, or violent action


  4. infuriateTo make very angry.


  5. intensifyfreedom from being harmed or punished


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