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  1. aghast
  2. strenuous
  3. lax
  4. hurtle
  5. vulnerable
  1. a needing much effort; using a lot of energy; very active; vigorous
  2. b To move with great force and speed.
  3. c shocked
  4. d easily injured (emotionally and physically)
  5. e 1. Not strictly enforced; undemanding; careless. 2. Not tight; loose.

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  1. to manage or direct; to give out as treatment or assistance
  2. causing death; fatal
  3. very angry
  4. freedom from being harmed or punished
  5. to give in; to surrender

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  1. figmentmade up in the mind


  2. adequateenough; sufficient


  3. devoura first public appearance


  4. prostrateA number that is not exact; a careful guess.


  5. whimto pay attention to


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