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  1. mortal
  2. ponder
  3. impede
  4. renovate
  5. obnoxious
  1. a to think about; to consider carefully
  2. b To get in the way of; to interfere with the movement of.
  3. c very unpleasant; disgusting
  4. d to make like new again
  5. e causing death; fatal

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  1. very famous
  2. of or relating to low-level, humble work
  3. made up in the mind
  4. Having nothing to do with the subject.
  5. shocked

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  1. authoritygenuine; true


  2. eraa particular period in history


  3. acknowledgeTo admit the existence of. + To express recognition or thanks for.


  4. priorbefore


  5. illiterateto disturb or upset ; to move with irregular, fast, or violent action


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