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  1. initiate
  2. renovate
  3. impartial
  4. aspire
  5. inevitable
  1. a to have a strong desire to get or do something; to seek
  2. b 1. To put into effect; to bring into use. 2. To take in as a member.
  3. c Bound to happen; unavoidable.
  4. d Not favoring one side more than another; fair.
  5. e to make like new again

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  1. to think about in a quiet, careful way
  2. 1. To burn slowly without bursting into flames. 2. To exist in a hidden state before bursting into the open.
  3. amazement or fear that makes one feel confused
  4. to match; to exchange letters with another person
  5. to make up; to consist of

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  1. latitudethe distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees; freedom from strict rles


  2. impunityof or relating to low-level, humble work


  3. retortto answer, especially in a quick or clever way


  4. disruptto break up the orderly course of; to interrupt


  5. casualtyA person killed or injured in a war or accident.


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