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  1. illustrious
  2. toil
  3. throng
  4. unwitting
  5. agent
  1. a A large number of people gathered together; a crowd. To gather or move in large numbers.
  2. b very famous
  3. c not done on purpose
  4. d to work long and hard; hard and tiring labor
  5. e A person who acts or does business for another. + Something that brings about a result.

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  1. to receive something from someone after that person's death; to receive as one's physical or mental make-up from one's parents
  2. the distance north or south of the equator measured in degrees; freedom from strict rles
  3. moving in a clumsy or awkward way
  4. The rapid spreading of a disease to many people at one time. + Spreading rapidly as a disease over a wide area.
  5. to match; to exchange letters with another person

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  1. menialcausing death; fatal


  2. predatoryliving by killing and eating other animals; living by robbing or stealing from others


  3. delicacyTo force out of property by taking legal action.


  4. hurtleTo move with great force and speed.


  5. reprimandto scold in a harsh or formal manner


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