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  1. Depilate
  2. Sententious
  3. Lurid
  4. Definitive
  5. Fawning
  1. a to remove hair from the body
  2. b explicit; determining finally; conclusive; decisive
  3. c causing shock or horror
  4. d using wise sayings or proverbs; using pompous language
  5. e whiningly affectionate; obsequious; seeking by excessive flattery

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  1. savage or cruel; fierce; pugnacious; defiant
  2. deputy; substitute
  3. exercising moderation or self-restraint
  4. an ornate design of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometrical figures
  5. obstinate; unmanageable

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  1. Acquisitiveexplicit; determining finally; conclusive; decisive


  2. Facetiousjoking, often inappropriate; witty


  3. Friezean abusive or contemptuous word used to describe a person


  4. Prophecyto speak or utter by divine intervention; to predict


  5. Dithyramban abusive or contemptuous word used to describe a person


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