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  1. Dissonance
  2. Inordinate
  3. Chignon
  4. Staunch
  5. Acquisitive
  1. a a roll or knot of hair worn at the back of a head by a women
  2. b exceeding reasonable limits; immoderate
  3. c a harsh or disagreeable combination of sounds; discord
  4. d eager to obtain and possess; greedy
  5. e firm and steadfast; true

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  1. a public declaration of principles, intentions, as in politics
  2. petty, trifling, insignificant
  3. to move in a wave; to ripple
  4. explicit; determining finally; conclusive; decisive
  5. to ponder moodily; to sulk

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  1. Facetioususing wise sayings or proverbs; using pompous language


  2. Depilateto remove hair from the body


  3. Sententioususing wise sayings or proverbs; using pompous language


  4. Temperateto remove hair from the body


  5. Truculenta gesture observed in social relationships


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