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  1. Temperate
  2. Inordinate
  3. Sententious
  4. Smug
  5. Paltry
  1. a exceeding reasonable limits; immoderate
  2. b using wise sayings or proverbs; using pompous language
  3. c complacent or self-righteous
  4. d exercising moderation or self-restraint
  5. e petty, trifling, insignificant

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  1. an abusive or contemptuous word used to describe a person
  2. a harsh or disagreeable combination of sounds; discord
  3. to gain favor by deliberate effort
  4. to move in a wave; to ripple
  5. repulsive; inspiring aversion or distaste

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  1. Acquisitiveeager to obtain and possess; greedy


  2. Prophecyto speak or utter by divine intervention; to predict


  3. Facetiousjoking, often inappropriate; witty


  4. Refractorypetty, trifling, insignificant


  5. Fawningpetty, trifling, insignificant


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