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  1. perineum
  2. menstrum
  3. first timester
  4. amniotic fluid
  5. epidural
  1. a periodic discharge of bloody fluid from the uterus through the vagina
  2. b fluid inside the placenta
  3. c medication which gives the mother full relief from labor pain
  4. d baby's organs are beginning to develop
  5. e between the vagina and anus

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  1. male sex organ for urination and intercourse
  2. defect of the face
  3. Children begin to form concepts and use symbols
  4. fine hair which covers the baby's body
  5. special tongs that the doctor uses to guide the baby's head during delivery

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  1. perineummale sex organ for urination and intercourse


  2. fdoctor who specializes in delivery


  3. oopen space on the baby's head where the bones of the skull have not completely formed


  4. Toxemiaswollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, and very rapid weight gain


  5. utherahollow, muscular organ where the fetus is implanted, sheltered, and nurtured


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