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  1. testicles
  2. vacumn suction
  3. perineum
  4. first timester
  5. amniotic fluid
  1. a fluid inside the placenta
  2. b between the vagina and anus
  3. c form of suction
  4. d two male sex glands,
  5. e baby's organs are beginning to develop

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  1. people can think abstractly and accurately draw conclusions
  2. neck of the uterus which connects the uterus with the vagina
  3. foot or hand being twisted
  4. female sex glands
  5. developing baby after the eighth week

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  1. Down's syndromechromosomes occurring as a triplet rather than a pair


  2. Concrete operationalchildren begin to use logic to get answers


  3. fopen space on the baby's head where the bones of the skull have not completely formed


  4. uterusdeveloping baby after the eighth week


  5. uretheacanal from the neck of the bladder to the outside of the body through which urine is passed


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