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  1. certified practitioner midwife
  2. Toxemia
  3. uthera
  4. Faternal twins
  5. Spontaneous abortion/miscarriage
  1. a certified in child delivery, not nurses, deliver at home
  2. b two siblings born at the same time that do not look exactly the same
  3. c canal from the neck of the bladder to the outside of the body through which urine is passed
  4. d swollen hands and feet, high blood pressure, and very rapid weight gain
  5. e delivery of a fetus before it has developed enough to survive

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  1. organ that develops between the embryo and the uterus
  2. form of suction
  3. vagina must expand
  4. children explore the world with their senses
  5. between the scrotum and the anus

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  1. vulvafemale reproductive cell


  2. embryodeveloping baby from the third to the eighth wee


  3. epiduralcut in the perineum done before delivery to help prevent the skin from tearing


  4. explusion stageorgan that develops between the embryo and the uterus


  5. lighteningfetus moves to a head down position and drops lower in the pelvis


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