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  1. Cleft palate/cleft lip
  2. forceps
  3. third trimester
  4. amniotic fluid
  5. Faternal twins
  1. a defect of the face
  2. b two siblings born at the same time that do not look exactly the same
  3. c fluid inside the placenta
  4. d special tongs that the doctor uses to guide the baby's head during delivery
  5. e lightening will occur

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  1. medication which gives the mother full relief from labor pain
  2. contractions, false labor pains
  3. open space on the baby's head where the bones of the skull have not completely formed
  4. organ that develops between the embryo and the uterus
  5. fetus moves to a head down position and drops lower in the pelvis

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  1. van deferens tubeduct through which sperm are transported from the testicle to the seminal vesicles and urethra


  2. fetusorgan which grows the placenta and houses the fetus


  3. Formal operationalpeople can think abstractly and accurately draw conclusions


  4. uteruscanal from the neck of the bladder to the outside of the body through which urine is passed


  5. lay midwifecertified nurse with training in child delivery, deliver in hospital


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