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  1. Ohm's Law
  2. resistance
  3. positive
  4. static electricity
  5. dry cell
  1. a a battery that has paste-like electrolytes ex- AAA battery
  2. b the tendency of a material to oppose the flow electrons
  3. c when it's __________ it'll lose electrons
  4. d formula: V= I x R
  5. e a build up of an electric charge on an object

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  1. a circuit that has more than one path
  2. a circuit that has one path only
  3. when it's __________ it'll gain electrons
  4. increases also
  5. negative to positive

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  1. electric dischargeenergy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor


  2. when current flows through circuitwhen you have a positive on one end and a negative on one end


  3. how is a charge createdelectrons will "jump" from a negatively charged object to a positively charged object


  4. potential difference (V)the difference in electric potential difference between two different points


  5. invention- resistancetoaster, light bulb


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