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  1. MA role
  2. 2nd degree burn
  3. puncture
  4. cardiogenic
  5. ingestion
  1. a skin red and blistered, top layers affected, very painful
  2. b heart
  3. c pierce and penetrate the skin
  4. d swallowing substance
  5. e assist provider

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  1. non insulin dependent
  2. hypoglycemia-low blood sugar
    hyperglycemia- diabetic coma, too little insulin/too much sugar taken
  3. apply constriction band 4 inches above site
  4. frost bite, hypothermia
  5. cool burn with saline or sterile water, apply sterile dressing

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  1. respirationrespiratory tract


  2. arterial bloodbright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing


  3. neurogenicheart


  4. DMInon insulin dependent


  5. woundsheat, chemical, electrical, or explosion


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