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  1. 3rd degree burn
  2. how do you treat closed wounds
  3. shock treatment
  4. 2nd degree burn
  5. caring for burns
  1. a charred or brown, can be painless, look for shock and infection
  2. b skin red and blistered, top layers affected, very painful
  3. c RICE (rest ice compression elevate)
  4. d requires immediate care, can be irreversible, lay patient down, monitor airway, control bleeding, elevate legs, NPO, monitor v/s
  5. e cool burn with saline or sterile water, apply sterile dressing

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  1. superficial scraping
  2. bright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing
  3. allergic reaction
  4. body doesnt properly convert sugar into energy
  5. injury to a joint

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  1. woundsopen and closed


  2. neurogenicnerve


  3. incisionresults from a sharp object


  4. emergency situationsrespiratory tract


  5. poisoningnon insulin dependent


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