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  1. how do you treat a snake bite
  2. hemmoragic
  3. airway supplies
  4. seizures
  5. poisoning
  1. a apply constriction band 4 inches above site
  2. b brain function disrupted, involuntary spasms, never restrain, NPO, protect head and airway, put pt on side, O2
  3. c ambu bag, O2, O2 mask, bulb syringe for suction
  4. d ingestion, inhalation, absorption, injection
  5. e bleeding

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  1. infection acute
  2. darker in color, needs to be controlled to prevent blood loss, apply dressing
  3. rest, elevate, ice, immobilize area, medication
  4. circulatory system is not supplying enough blood to all parts of the body
  5. only involves top layer of skin

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  1. diabetesheat, chemical, electrical, or explosion


  2. syncopefainting


  3. cardiogenicemotion fact


  4. dislocationsrespiratory tract


  5. lacerationthrough skin


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