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midterm professionalism Test

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  1. laceration
  2. shock
  3. diabetic complications
  4. how do you respond to an emergency
  5. caring for burns
  1. a cool burn with saline or sterile water, apply sterile dressing
  2. b tear in body tissue, control bleeding, cleanse or soak, sutures if necessary, apply dressing
  3. c hypoglycemia-low blood sugar
    hyperglycemia- diabetic coma, too little insulin/too much sugar taken
  4. d circulatory system is not supplying enough blood to all parts of the body
  5. e assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize

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  1. homeostasis altered
  2. overuse of a muscle or tendon
  3. opportunity for infection, give tetanus, control bleeding, cleanse wound, apply appropriate bandaging
  4. abrasion, laceration, incision, avulsion, puncture wound
  5. have pt. sit and tilt head foward and pinch nostrils for 10 min

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  1. insect stingslocalized swelling/redness, tenderness, treat with creams or benadryl


  2. how do you treat closed woundshematoma, contusions, bruise


  3. hemmoragicbleeding


  4. emergency situationsswallowing substance


  5. treatment of injuryrest, elevate, ice, immobilize area, medication


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