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  1. respiration
  2. wounds
  3. Good samaritan law
  4. DMI
  5. metabolic
  1. a insulin dependent
  2. b open and closed
  3. c respiratory tract
  4. d protects off duty health care professionals
  5. e homeostasis altered

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  1. airway, open airway, head tilt, jaw thrust maneuver, rescue breaths, check carotid
  2. break in bone, open or closed
  3. localized swelling/redness, tenderness, treat with creams or benadryl
  4. heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke
  5. heat, chemical, electrical, or explosion

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  1. cold illnessheat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke


  2. what is looked for with an open woundRICE (rest ice compression elevate)


  3. lacerationtear in body tissue, control bleeding, cleanse or soak, sutures if necessary, apply dressing


  4. nose bleed aka epistaxisfrost bite, hypothermia


  5. inhalationbreathing in


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