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  1. how do you respond to an emergency
  2. avulsion
  3. septic
  4. inhalation
  5. airway supplies
  1. a ambu bag, O2, O2 mask, bulb syringe for suction
  2. b assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize
  3. c breathing in
  4. d skin is torn off, bleeding profuse, reposition flap, if body is torn away keep moist transport with pt.
  5. e infection acute

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  1. injury to a joint
  2. insulin dependent
  3. superficial scraping
  4. protects off duty health care professionals
  5. results from a sharp object

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  1. neurogenicemotion fact


  2. closed woundsabrasion, laceration, incision, avulsion, puncture wound


  3. woundsabrasion, laceration, incision, avulsion, puncture wound


  4. 3rd degree burncharred or brown, can be painless, look for shock and infection


  5. syncopefainting


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