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  1. emergency situations
  2. strain
  3. 1st degree burn
  4. shock treatment
  5. avulsion
  1. a skin is torn off, bleeding profuse, reposition flap, if body is torn away keep moist transport with pt.
  2. b choking/difficulty breathing, chest pain, bleeding, stroke, shock, poisoning, burns, wounds, sudden illness
  3. c overuse of a muscle or tendon
  4. d requires immediate care, can be irreversible, lay patient down, monitor airway, control bleeding, elevate legs, NPO, monitor v/s
  5. e only involves top layer of skin

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  1. breathing in
  2. tear in body tissue, control bleeding, cleanse or soak, sutures if necessary, apply dressing
  3. homeostasis altered
  4. hematoma, contusions, bruise
  5. bright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing

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  1. assessing injuryrest, elevate, ice, immobilize area, medication


  2. nose bleed aka epistaxishave pt. sit and tilt head foward and pinch nostrils for 10 min


  3. syncopecirculatory system is not supplying enough blood to all parts of the body


  4. venous bloodswallowing substance


  5. MA roleassist provider


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