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  1. what is looked for with an open wound
  2. diabetic complications
  3. Good samaritan law
  4. Burns
  5. neurogenic
  1. a protects off duty health care professionals
  2. b nerve
  3. c hypoglycemia-low blood sugar
    hyperglycemia- diabetic coma, too little insulin/too much sugar taken
  4. d heat, chemical, electrical, or explosion
  5. e s&s for infection, redness, swelling, warm to touch, pain, purulent drainage

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  1. drug use, bee stings
  2. designed to render immediate and temporary care to person injured until the arrival of health care professionals
  3. have pt. sit and tilt head foward and pinch nostrils for 10 min
  4. heart
  5. apply constriction band 4 inches above site

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  1. psychogenicnerve


  2. fracturespierce and penetrate the skin


  3. 1st degree burnskin red and blistered, top layers affected, very painful


  4. shock treatmentrequires immediate care, can be irreversible, lay patient down, monitor airway, control bleeding, elevate legs, NPO, monitor v/s


  5. how do you treat open wounds and what do they provide...opportunity for infection, give tetanus, control bleeding, cleanse wound, apply appropriate bandaging


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