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  1. cardiogenic
  2. respiration
  3. how do you treat a snake bite
  4. what is looked for with an open wound
  5. puncture
  1. a pierce and penetrate the skin
  2. b s&s for infection, redness, swelling, warm to touch, pain, purulent drainage
  3. c respiratory tract
  4. d apply constriction band 4 inches above site
  5. e heart

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  1. brain function disrupted, involuntary spasms, never restrain, NPO, protect head and airway, put pt on side, O2
  2. injury to a joint
  3. tear in body tissue, control bleeding, cleanse or soak, sutures if necessary, apply dressing
  4. non insulin dependent
  5. assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize

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  1. nose bleed aka epistaxishave pt. sit and tilt head foward and pinch nostrils for 10 min


  2. what is transmitted through blood and body fluidshep b, hep c, and HIV


  3. incisionswallowing substance


  4. poisoningoveruse of a muscle or tendon


  5. arterial bloodbright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing


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