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  1. how do you treat closed wounds
  2. seizures
  3. respiration
  4. treatment of injury
  5. anaphylactic
  1. a respiratory tract
  2. b allergic reaction
  3. c rest, elevate, ice, immobilize area, medication
  4. d brain function disrupted, involuntary spasms, never restrain, NPO, protect head and airway, put pt on side, O2
  5. e RICE (rest ice compression elevate)

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  1. superficial scraping
  2. breathing in
  3. hypoglycemia-low blood sugar
    hyperglycemia- diabetic coma, too little insulin/too much sugar taken
  4. hematoma, contusions, bruise
  5. only involves top layer of skin

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  1. caring for burnscool burn with saline or sterile water, apply sterile dressing


  2. what is transmitted through blood and body fluidss&s for infection, redness, swelling, warm to touch, pain, purulent drainage


  3. how do you treat open wounds and what do they provide...opportunity for infection, give tetanus, control bleeding, cleanse wound, apply appropriate bandaging


  4. metabolicassist provider


  5. external bleedingusually clots without first aid


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