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  1. Name 2 ways CBDs are different in Europe
  2. What the "Command and Control Centers"?
  3. Name 4 services typically found in "clustered Rural Settlements"
  4. Name 4 cities in the "second tier"
  5. What 2 factors are needed to determine the extent of a market area?
  1. a The second level of cities, contains the head quarters of many large corporations, well-developed banking facilities, and concentrations of other business services
  2. b -Chicago -Los Angeles -Washington -Brussels
  3. c Its range and its threshold
  4. d -religious structures -schools -shops -homes
  5. e Less dominated by commercial considerations
    making new buildings are difficult

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  1. The typical modern industry requires a large percent of land for operation
    Transformed their waterfronts from industry to commercial and recreational activities
    tourists attractions
  2. They provide goods for sale to consumers
  3. -expenisve shops -movie theaters -restaurants -theme parks
  4. the minimum number of people needed to support a business
  5. The best location is the one that minimizes the distance to the service for the largest number of people

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  1. Name 4 cities in ther "third tier"-Chicago -Los Angeles -Washington -Brussels


  2. What are "Dependent Center"?They provide relatively unskilled jobs and depend on their economic on the world's decisions


  3. Define a "Service"A service is any activity that funfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it


  4. Why do countries build "Skyscrapers"-Chicago -Los Angeles -Washington -Brussels


  5. What is the "Rank-Size Rule"?Is a market center for the exchange of goods and services by the people in the area


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