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  1. Describe a "Circular Rural Settlement" and a "Linear Rural Settlement"
  2. Define a "Service"
  3. Define a "Settlement"
  4. What is the purpose of "Consumer Services"?
  5. Why do countries build "Skyscrapers"
  1. a A permanent collection of buildings where people reside, work and obtain services
  2. b The demand for space in the central city
  3. c A service is any activity that funfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it
  4. d The purpose is to provide services to indivisual consumers who desire them and can afford to pay them
  5. e The circular form consists of a central open space surrounded by structures
    Linear rural settlements feature buildings clustered along a road, river or dike to facilitate communications

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  1. Wrold citites are most closely integrated into the global economic system because they are the center of the flow of information and capitol
    -London -New York -Tokoyo
  2. -Land costs are lower
    -More service providers
    -Most customers are there
  3. Basic industries-is a settlements distinctive economic structure derives which export primarily to consumers outside of the settlement
    Non-basic industires are enterprises whose customers live in the same community, essentially consumer services
  4. -expenisve shops -movie theaters -restaurants -theme parks
  5. Its range and its threshold

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  1. Name 3 types of services one might find in the CBD of a city or settlement-Shops with....high threshold, long range, that serve people who work in the center


  2. Give 3 reasons why manufacturing has declined in the CBD-Land costs are lower
    -More service providers
    -Most customers are there


  3. What is a "Market-Area Analysis" and why is it important?The area surronding a service from which customers are attracted


  4. What is the "Threshold" of a servicethe minimum number of people needed to support a business


  5. Define the term "Range"the maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service


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