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  1. What are "Retail Services"?
  2. Name 4 services that have a "High Threshold"
  3. What is the "Rank-Size Rule"?
  4. Define "primate city"
  5. Give 2 examples of "Transportation Services"
  1. a the largest settlement in serveral MDCs; the largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the second ranking settlement
  2. b -car, bike, truck -broadcasting
  3. c They provide goods for sale to consumers
  4. d -expenisve shops -movie theaters -restaurants -theme parks
  5. e In whihc the country's nth-largest settlement is 1/2 the population of the largest settlement. Serveral MDCs in Europe

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  1. the maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service
  2. The third level of cities, offer more narrow and highly specialized variety of services
  3. -Chicago -Los Angeles -Washington -Brussels
  4. They provide relatively unskilled jobs and depend on their economic on the world's decisions
  5. The typical modern industry requires a large percent of land for operation
    Transformed their waterfronts from industry to commercial and recreational activities
    tourists attractions

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  1. Name 3 types of services one might find in the CBD of a city or settlement-religious structures -schools -shops -homes


  2. What is a "Central Place"?Is a market center for the exchange of goods and services by the people in the area


  3. What is the purpose of "Consumer Services"?The purpose is to provide services to indivisual consumers who desire them and can afford to pay them


  4. What is meant by the "Hierarchy of Services"?They provide goods for sale to consumers


  5. Name 3 reasons factories have moved to the suburbs-Less transportation
    -Able to improve
    -Cheaper to maintain


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