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  1. inevitable
  2. sallow
  3. querulous
  4. conjured
  5. wary
  1. a Cautious
  2. b summoned or called up by a spirit by spell
  3. c having a sickly complexion
  4. d not abled to be avoided
  5. e complaining or whining

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  1. piece of dining room furniture for holding china
  2. showing good judgement and understanding
  3. appearing exhausted
  4. a drawing of the outline of an object
  5. reddish brown

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  1. serenereddish brown


  2. curtlyCautious


  3. irresoluteuncertain how to act or proceed


  4. dudesomeone who is new and oblivious


  5. ford (not the car)piece of dining room furniture for holding china


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