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  1. dude
  2. conjured
  3. sideboard
  4. haggard
  5. tote
  1. a someone who is new and oblivious
  2. b summoned or called up by a spirit by spell
  3. c appearing exhausted
  4. d piece of dining room furniture for holding china
  5. e to carry

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  1. uncertain how to act or proceed
  2. Cautious
  3. reddish brown
  4. pen for livestock
  5. showing good judgement and understanding

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  1. silhouettewoman's hat or the art of making hats for women


  2. barteringto trade by exchanging goods rather than money


  3. curtlysaying something short because you are mad


  4. queruloussaying something short because you are mad


  5. soddensoaking wet


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