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  1. La muchacha tiene dolor de cabeza
  2. Está resfriada.
  3. Tiene fiebre.
  4. la fiebre
  5. contento
  1. a happy
  2. b fever
  3. c He had a fever.
  4. d She has a cold.
  5. e The girl has a headache.

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  1. He has a sore throat.
  2. nervous
  3. he has the chills because he has a fever
  4. tired
  5. chills

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  1. No está de buen humor.He is not in a good mood.


  2. estornudarsneeze


  3. El muchacho tiene dolor de estómago.The girl has a headache.


  4. La gargantathe bed


  5. El pobre muchacho está enfermo.The poor boy is sick.


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