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Evans: Quarter Three Test

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  1. Recrimination
  2. Propound
  3. Claimant
  4. Perspicacity
  5. Belabor
  1. a To attack verbally with harsh criticism, to harp on, to attack with blows
    sy: beat, dwell, berate
  2. b The capacity to assess circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions; intelligence manifested by being astute
    sy: shrewd, judgment
  3. c Mutual accusations
    sy: blame, reproach, allegation
  4. d Someone who makes a claim
    sy: petitioner, applicant
  5. e put forward, as of an idea
    sy: advise, council

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Complacently foolish; void of intelligence
    sy: mindless; asinine
  2. Shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
    sy: ghastly, grim
  3. A protective glove; challenge to combat
    sy: armor, challenge
  4. Correct or appropriate behavior
    Sy: decency, decorum, appropriateness
  5. Confined to and understood by only an enlightened circle
    Sy: abstruse; arcane

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  1. AestheticConfined to and understood by only an enlightened circle
    Sy: abstruse; arcane


  2. InureTo cause to accept or to become hardened to; habituate
    sy: accustom; prepare for


  3. AnomalousA feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
    sy: animosity


  4. Litanya prayer consisting of an invocation and response from audience; any long or tedious address or recital
    sy:address, speech, prayer


  5. NettleTo goad or provoke as by constant criticism; to cause annoyance
    sy: annoy, bother, chafe


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