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  1. the production of offspring from one parent is called ...
  2. Asexual reproduction occurs by
  3. After mitosis a cytokinesis, each new cell has a
  4. What process can increase the number of body cells without changing the information contained in the DNA of those cells
  5. Every species has
  1. a mitosis
  2. b Asexual reproduction
  3. c complete set of the original cell's chromosomes
  4. d Mitosis
  5. e a distinctive number of chromosomes per cell

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  1. chromatid
  2. four haploid cells
  3. Meiosis I
  4. prokaryotic cell division
  5. differs in animal and plant cells

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  1. Cells having one set of unpaired chromosomesdiploid


  2. During telephasea time of cell growth and development


  3. Meiosis results in the formation ofhaploid cells from diploid cells


  4. Which type of chromosome consists of a circular DNA molecule?Autosomes


  5. Cells having two sets of chromosomeshaploid


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