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  1. Crossing-over occurs during
  2. Haploid cells unite to form a
  3. How many chromosomes do human sperm and egg cells have?
  4. Interphase is
  5. Any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome
  1. a diploid gamete
  2. b a time of cell growth and development
  3. c 23
  4. d Meiosis I
  5. e Autosomes

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  1. Mitosis
  2. interphase
  3. diploid
  4. prokaryotic cell division
  5. four haploid cells

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  1. the production of offspring from one parent is called ...Asexual reproduction


  2. Oogenesisrequires meiotic cell divisions


  3. During telephasea nuclear envelope surrounds each new set of chromosomes


  4. threadlike structures made of DNA molecules that contain the geneschromosomes


  5. Every species hasa distinctive number of chromosomes per cell


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