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  1. Crossing-over occurs during
  2. What process can increase the number of body cells without changing the information contained in the DNA of those cells
  3. Oogenesis
  4. After mitosis a cytokinesis, each new cell has a
  5. threadlike structures made of DNA molecules that contain the genes
  1. a complete set of the original cell's chromosomes
  2. b requires meiotic cell divisions
  3. c Mitosis
  4. d chromosomes
  5. e Meiosis I

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  1. a nucleus
  2. a time of cell growth and development
  3. differs in animal and plant cells
  4. haploid cells from diploid cells
  5. haploid

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  1. Cells spend most of their lives ininterphase


  2. Haploid cells unite to form adiploid gamete


  3. one of two identical parts that make up a chromosome is a ...Autosomes


  4. How many chromosomes do human sperm and egg cells have?Autosomes


  5. Spermatogenesis producesfour haploid cells


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