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  1. What are the four authors of the gospels known as?
  2. what is an important translation of the old testament?
  3. Who is believed to be the author of revelation?
  4. Where were most of paul's epistles written?
  5. What is the book of short sayings and lessons?
  1. a septuagent
  2. b evangilist
  3. c proverbs
  4. d john the apostle
  5. e in prision

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  1. hannukak
  2. the end
  3. liturgy
  4. ecclesiastes
  5. Joshua

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  1. Who was proverbs written by?king solomon


  2. who is the believed author of the pentateuch?moses


  3. Who were the early leaders of the Isrealites in the Promised Land?Judges


  4. Who wrote acts of the apostles and what does it contain?samuel


  5. Who was one of the original 12 (beloved apostle) and wrote his gospel around 90AD?john


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