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  1. Who was the follower of st paul and relied on other people for his gospel?
  2. Who was another disciple of st paul?
  3. What book means to call and assembly?
  4. What is the only prophetic book not named for a person?
  5. what is the system of systematic educationin the faith with the view of making people disciples of christ?
  1. a ecclesiastes
  2. b titus
  3. c mark
  4. d lathchesis
  5. e lamentations

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  1. Chronicles
  2. in prision
  3. judith and esther
  4. matthew
  5. catholic

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  1. What wisdom book deals with suffering?genisis


  2. Who is believed to be the author of revelation?moses


  3. What book is a collection of wise sayings?Apocalpyse


  4. Who wrote the first 13 epistles?romans


  5. What is the shortest book of the entire bible?Obidiah


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