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  1. Who is a distant FEMALE relative of Jesus?
  2. Who was a primary discipleof st paul?
  3. What was the first epistle?
  4. 12 prophets of the old testament who recorded many breifer sayings, who are they?
  5. Who are the 2 rare female historical figures?
  1. a romans
  2. b judith and esther
  3. c timothy
  4. d Ruth
  5. e minor

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  1. septuagent
  2. catholic
  3. moses
  4. lathchesis
  5. Obidiah

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  1. What does exodus mean?departure


  2. Who are the fathers of faith?romans


  3. About how many hundred years did it take to form the old testament?malachi


  4. What is the book that reaccounts the Isrealites wandering?exodus


  5. What 2 books retell the stories found in Samuel and Kings in a presitly perspective?matthew


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