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  1. Who took Moses' place after he died?
  2. Who is credited as the author of the book of proverbs?
  3. The first books of the new testament were whose letters?
  4. What does Revelation mean?
  5. who is the believed author of the pentateuch?
  1. a king solomon
  2. b the end
  3. c Joshua
  4. d moses
  5. e paul

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  1. septuagent
  2. in prision
  3. judith and esther
  4. Chronicles
  5. departure

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  1. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?2 John


  2. What book means to call and assembly?letters


  3. Who was the follower of st paul and relied on other people for his gospel?luke


  4. What is the shortest book of the Old Testament?Obidiah


  5. What is revelation also called?romans


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