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  1. What book is a collection of wise sayings?
  2. Who was another disciple of st paul?
  3. What book is also called ecclesiastes?
  4. What is the name of the historical family that means hammer?
  5. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?
  1. a titus
  2. b major
  3. c Macabees
  4. d wisdom
  5. e sirach

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  1. minor
  2. john
  3. mark
  4. patriarchs
  5. hannukak

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  1. who is the believed author of the pentateuch?torah


  2. Who took Moses' place after he died?Joshua


  3. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?2 John


  4. Who is the fullfillment of gods promises?Jesus


  5. What 2 books retell the stories found in Samuel and Kings in a presitly perspective?matthew


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