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  1. What 2 books retell the stories found in Samuel and Kings in a presitly perspective?
  2. The first books of the new testament were whose letters?
  3. Who is a distant FEMALE relative of Jesus?
  4. What is the name of the historical family that means hammer?
  5. What is the new Temple after the victory of the macabees?
  1. a Ruth
  2. b hannukak
  3. c paul
  4. d Macabees
  5. e Chronicles

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  1. Jesus
  2. samuel
  3. Joshua
  4. king solomon
  5. proverbs

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  1. Who was a primary discipleof st paul?king solomon


  2. What was the first epistle?romans


  3. What are the four authors of the gospels known as?evangilist


  4. Who was one of the original 12 (beloved apostle) and wrote his gospel around 90AD?john


  5. What book means to call and assembly?sirach


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