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  1. What is the official public worship of the church?
  2. What book of the pentateuch was named for a military leader who led the isrealites to the promised land?
  3. What is the name of the historical family that means hammer?
  4. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?
  5. What are the four authors of the gospels known as?
  1. a exodus
  2. b didache
  3. c Macabees
  4. d liturgy
  5. e evangilist

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  1. Apocalpyse
  2. samuel
  3. king solomon
  4. ecclesiastes
  5. Joshua

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  1. What book in the pentatecu means 2nd law?leviticus


  2. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?acts


  3. What means universial?departure


  4. What book means beginning?romans


  5. What is the sore or essential message of the gospel that Jesus is Lord?kerugma


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