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  1. What is the literature related to the bible but not in the canon?
  2. Who are the 2 rare female historical figures?
  3. What is the name of the last and greatest judge?
  4. What was the first epistle?
  5. What tells us the story of the early church?
  1. a acts
  2. b romans
  3. c apocryphal
  4. d samuel
  5. e judith and esther

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  1. wisdom
  2. Deuteronomy
  3. job
  4. Judges
  5. exodus

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  1. Who wrote the first 13 epistles?st paul


  2. What is another name for the pentareuch?moses


  3. What are the four authors of the gospels known as?malachi


  4. Who is credited as the author of the book of proverbs?john the apostle


  5. What is the sore or essential message of the gospel that Jesus is Lord?kerugma


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