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  1. why does the water strider sit on water surface and does not sink?
  2. what property of water makes it an ideal material for transporting necessary chemical substances?
  3. lichen
  4. if mitotic cell division is occuring in a multicellular organism then the purpose of the process is for:
  5. starch from food is a source of _____ for organisms. starch is a type of ______________
  1. a energy
  2. b because water molecules are polar, the slightly negative oxygen of one water molecule will hyfrogen bond to the slightly positive hydrogen atom of another water molecule
  3. c an alga and a fungus living together, the alga is photosynthetic and provides food, the fungus provides moisture and a home for the alga
  4. d water is polar and therefore make an exellent solvent
  5. e growth or repair of damaged tissue or replacement of worn out cells

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  1. movement of water that goes from high concentration to low concentration and does not require the cell to use energy or ATP
  2. monomers
  3. when a error happens in base pair substitution, change in base pair sequence
  4. from the soil
  5. asexual reproduction

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  1. what process must occur during interphase to prepare for mitotic cell division?ribosomes


  2. mitotic cell division occurs where?ecological succession is the series of a predictable changes that occurs in a community over time


  3. what macromolecules control the reaction rate of photosynthesis?enzymes


  4. prokaryotevery simple celled organism with DNA in a nucleoid region. had DNA but isnt surrounded by nuclear membrane, lack membrane bound organelles


  5. what cell part is directly involved in transporting substances into or out of a cell?the cell membrane


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