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  1. euglena and paramecium are classified as eukaryotes because they both have
  2. humans require oxygen and get their energy from:
  3. one process that would decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  4. organsisms that live in the intestines of cows dont need oxygen. how do they obtain energy?
  5. what cell part is directly involved in transporting substances into or out of a cell?
  1. a aerobic respiration. most parts of this process occur in the mitochondria
  2. b a true nucleous with a nuclear membrane and organelles surrounded by membranes (phospholipid bilayers)
  3. c the cell membrane
  4. d anaerobic respiration
  5. e photosynthesis

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  1. chloroplasts
  2. proteins and the monomer is amino acids
  3. osmosis
  4. an alga and a fungus living together, the alga is photosynthetic and provides food, the fungus provides moisture and a home for the alga
  5. amino acids

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  1. 3 processes that would increase carbon dioxide in the atmospherephotosynthesis


  2. where do producers get their energyfrom the soil


  3. what process must occur during interphase to prepare for mitotic cell division?DNA replication occurs during the S portion of interphase


  4. other type of nucleic acid (besides DNA)RNA


  5. what part of a cell converts nutrients from sugar into energy?from the soil


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