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  1. 4 different types of tissue
  2. adaptation to environment and disease
  3. hydrogen ion
  4. sophisticated brain
  5. transverse view
  1. a referring language and abstract thinking; development of language leads to abstract thinking and causes us to use objects differently
  2. b cranial and caudal views; from cross section
  3. c dorsal kyphosis/barrel chest: trapping air in lungs but there is not FRESH air and their lungs become overly inflated
  4. d connective, muscle, epithelial, nervous
  5. e parameter controls how you breathe

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  1. wrapping closest to the organs
  2. efferent
  3. in a cat scan, you look at a soft tissue and take an x ray from different angles. The computer will then put these different angles together. In a CAT scan there are no overlapping structures; takes a cross sectional picture of the body regions
  4. balance in the body
  5. your chest

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  1. thoracicchest


  2. Pet scansthis gives a radioactive substrate. In this test, you examine which areas are using the substrate that was give. This is able to show dead cells, because if they are not using the substrate, that is the clue to them being dead cells.


  3. ultrasoundsoundwaves are shot at the body and will either bounce off or go through. If the part of the body is in higher density, it will NOT go through.


  4. vertebral cavitythis is the abdominopelvic cavity


  5. mediastinal cavitythis is the abdominopelvic cavity


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