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  1. systems
  2. tests done regarding metabolism
  3. abdominal
  4. an angiosperm refers to a
  5. thinking could be dependent on:
  1. a blood vessel
  2. b chemical and physical properties; cannot think without chemical and physical reactions in the brain
  3. c Pet scan, thermography
  4. d formed from different organs
  5. e RU, RL, LU, LL

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  1. the blueprint for control(cellular control)
  2. this is the abdominopelvic cavity
  3. from longitudinal; left and right views
  4. diaphram, abdominal, pubic region
  5. structure; the body's relationship to others

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  1. nervous systemintegration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do


  2. suralcalf


  3. levels of organization in an organismatoms, molecules and cells(which are the smallest)


  4. calcanealheel


  5. cranial cavitycontains cranial and vetebral cavity


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