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  1. sophisticated brain
  2. anatomy and physiology both
  3. muscular system
  4. too much carbon dioxide in the body
  5. functional MRI
  1. a carbonic acid increases
  2. b the difference in density is associated with different activity
  3. c referring language and abstract thinking; development of language leads to abstract thinking and causes us to use objects differently
  4. d distinguish humans from other animals(like apes)
  5. e contracts(look up)

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  1. back of the knee
  2. there are 200 cell types classified into 4 groups and tissue types
  3. calf
  4. moves the RBC
  5. certain chemicals have to be there in certain periods of life for the development to occur; if this critical period passes, you cannot go backwards

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  1. homeostasis is controlled by what feedback mechanism?negative feedback system


  2. lining of cavitiescontains the brain


  3. structure related to surface areawhen you have LESS surface area you have LESS insulation


  4. pericardial cavitycontains the esophagus in a separate cavity and in the middle


  5. smooth muscle tissuescontracts and allows bones to move through environment; allows and prevents movement by contracting and reacting


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