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A&P L1-Intro Test

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  1. functional unit of the body
  2. homeostasis is controlled by what feedback mechanism?
  3. what is the thoracic cavity
  4. functional unit
  5. cross section
  1. a repeating unit but does different things
  2. b kidneys
  3. c negative feedback system
  4. d your chest
  5. e cutting sideways; left with a top and bottom

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  1. moves things
  2. contains the brain
  3. contracts and allows bones to move through environment; allows and prevents movement by contracting and reacting
  4. stroma; supports cells; holds epithelial
  5. Pet scan, thermography

5 True/False Questions

  1. thoracicchest


  2. oblique sectioncut at an angle


  3. olecranalback of elbow


  4. calcanealheel


  5. anatomy and physiology bothstructure; the body's relationship to others


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