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  1. reproduction system
  2. immune system
  3. connective tissue
  4. cervical
  5. cross section
  1. a stroma; supports cells; holds epithelial
  2. b neck
  3. c defense system
  4. d cutting sideways; left with a top and bottom
  5. e survival of the species. The aim of this system is NOT to balance

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  1. wrapping closest to the wall of the body/ surface
  2. moves the RBC
  3. chest
  4. change in function
  5. the difference in density is associated with different activity

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  1. functional unitsoundwaves are shot at the body and will either bounce off or go through. If the part of the body is in higher density, it will NOT go through.


  2. organ systemregulates things and maintains homeostatic function; these organs may have different functional units


  3. controlthis is present at every level of structure and function


  4. thoracic cavity containspericardial cavity, pleural cavity, mediastinal cavity


  5. bipedalismhead


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