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  1. functional MRI
  2. organism
  3. nervous muscle
  4. parietal lining
  5. dorsal(upper extremity)
  1. a wrapping closest to the wall of the body/ surface
  2. b back of hand
  3. c formed from organ systems
  4. d secrete chemicals and sends electrical signals
  5. e the difference in density is associated with different activity

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  1. this type of process is able to tell the blood flow in the brain.
  2. atoms, molecules and cells(which are the smallest)
  3. anterior and posterior views
  4. parameter controls how you breathe
  5. back of elbow

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  1. flow in the body is :Difference in pressure/ resistance


  2. parenchymaa type of epithelial tissue; secretes bile, and cholesterol; does the work


  3. reproduction systemsurvival of the species. The aim of this system is NOT to balance


  4. integumentary systemgets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes


  5. urinary systemgets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes


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