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  1. adaptation to environment and disease
  2. neurological is
  3. muscular system
  4. peritoneal cavity
  5. abdominal
  1. a efferent
  2. b dorsal kyphosis/barrel chest: trapping air in lungs but there is not FRESH air and their lungs become overly inflated
  3. c RU, RL, LU, LL
  4. d contracts(look up)
  5. e this is the abdominopelvic cavity

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  1. the difference in density is associated with different activity
  2. separation of thumb from the other fingers; allows humans to have more manipulation with our hands
  3. are non homeostatic
  4. we walk on 2 feet, which frees up our hands and makes us more diverse
  5. contains cranial and vetebral cavity

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  1. reproduction systemefferent; chemical traveling to blood stream


  2. hydrogen ionformed from organ systems


  3. transverse viewcranial and caudal views; from cross section


  4. functional unit of the bodykidneys


  5. acromialcalf


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