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  1. anatomy
  2. parenchyma
  3. adaptation to environment and disease
  4. homeostasis
  5. what is the thoracic cavity
  1. a a type of epithelial tissue; secretes bile, and cholesterol; does the work
  2. b dorsal kyphosis/barrel chest: trapping air in lungs but there is not FRESH air and their lungs become overly inflated
  3. c structure; the body's relationship to others
  4. d your chest
  5. e balance in the body

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  1. certain chemicals have to be there in certain periods of life for the development to occur; if this critical period passes, you cannot go backwards
  2. skin; separates internal and external body; regulation of temperature
  3. secrete chemicals and sends electrical signals
  4. the blueprint for control(cellular control)
  5. heel

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  1. immune systemdefense system


  2. Ventral axialpoint of the shoulder


  3. cardiovascular systemgets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes


  4. muscular systemcontracts(look up)


  5. smooth muscle tissuesvisceral and parietal; they stick together because of the serous fluid


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