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  1. organs are:
  2. respiratory system
  3. bipedalism
  4. dorsal(upper extremity)
  5. mammary
  1. a we walk on 2 feet, which frees up our hands and makes us more diverse
  2. b responsible for maintaining gases(oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen ions) and responsible for acid base balance
  3. c functional units; they are made of units that do a specific job
  4. d back of hand
  5. e breast

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  1. contains the heart
  2. repeating unit but does different things
  3. balance in the body
  4. men localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain
  5. contains cranial and vetebral cavity

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  1. connective tissuemoves the RBC


  2. acromialpoint of the shoulder


  3. digital subtraction angiographythis type of process is able to tell the blood flow in the brain.


  4. frontal(coronal) planeanterior and posterior views


  5. abdominalwrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin


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