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  1. CAT scans
  2. tests done regarding metabolism
  3. endocrine system
  4. popliteal
  5. integumentary system
  1. a skin; separates internal and external body; regulation of temperature
  2. b back of the knee
  3. c in a cat scan, you look at a soft tissue and take an x ray from different angles. The computer will then put these different angles together. In a CAT scan there are no overlapping structures; takes a cross sectional picture of the body regions
  4. d Pet scan, thermography
  5. e efferent; chemical traveling to blood stream

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  1. chest
  2. this gives a radioactive substrate. In this test, you examine which areas are using the substrate that was give. This is able to show dead cells, because if they are not using the substrate, that is the clue to them being dead cells.
  3. visceral and parietal; they stick together because of the serous fluid
  4. cutting sideways; left with a top and bottom
  5. the blueprint for control(cellular control)

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  1. men localizing of the brainmen localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain


  2. parenchymaa type of epithelial tissue; secretes bile, and cholesterol; does the work


  3. what is present in the NFS of homeostasisstimulus> receptor> afferent pathway> integration> efferent pathway> effector site.


  4. ultrasoundchest


  5. immune systemgets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes


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