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  1. aging
  2. if a patient is burned
  3. pubic region contains
  4. muscular system
  5. men localizing of the brain
  1. a wrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin
  2. b contracts(look up)
  3. c men localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain
  4. d they die because they have no integumentary system and there is no longer a separation of internal and external body
  5. e bladder, rectum, reproductive organs

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  1. negative feedback system
  2. high energy of ultraviolet light will be shot at a part of the body; also called a RADIOGRAPH; radio opaque dyes will outline the tissues and reveals the tubes
  3. from longitudinal; left and right views
  4. skin; separates internal and external body; regulation of temperature
  5. back of the knee

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  1. mammarywrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin


  2. positive feed back systemsare non homeostatic


  3. hydrogen ionparameter controls how you breathe


  4. developmental changes in life span over timecertain chemicals have to be there in certain periods of life for the development to occur; if this critical period passes, you cannot go backwards


  5. organs are:formed from organ systems


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