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  1. muscular system
  2. nervous system
  3. thermography
  4. abdominal
  5. popliteal
  1. a contracts(look up)
  2. b back of the knee
  3. c this is a test to detect breast cancer. It looks at the different heat production throughout the body
  4. d RU, RL, LU, LL
  5. e integration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do

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  1. functional units; they are made of units that do a specific job
  2. anterior and posterior views
  3. Pet scan, thermography
  4. this type of process is able to tell the blood flow in the brain.
  5. they die because they have no integumentary system and there is no longer a separation of internal and external body

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  1. genomewrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin


  2. longitudinal sectioncut from top to bottom; you are left with a front/back or left/right


  3. levels of organization in an organismatoms, molecules and cells(which are the smallest)


  4. immune systemregulates things and maintains homeostatic function; these organs may have different functional units


  5. bipedalismchest


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