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  1. thoracic cavity contains
  2. adaptation to environment and disease
  3. control
  4. Soma
  5. cephalic
  1. a pericardial cavity, pleural cavity, mediastinal cavity
  2. b dorsal kyphosis/barrel chest: trapping air in lungs but there is not FRESH air and their lungs become overly inflated
  3. c head
  4. d SURFACE of the body; skeletal muscles, body wall, limbs, abdominal and back muscles
  5. e this is present at every level of structure and function

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  1. balance in the body
  2. distinguish humans from other animals(like apes)
  3. carbonic acid increases
  4. calf
  5. diaphram, abdominal, pubic region

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  1. what is the thoracic cavitycontains the spinal cord


  2. flow in the body is :cut at an angle


  3. anatomystructure; the body's relationship to others


  4. neurological isefferent


  5. how many cells are there in the body?carbonic acid increases


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