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  1. Anatomy
  2. Metabolism can
  3. Appendicular portion
  4. CoL Digestion
  5. RoO Foods
  1. a breakdown of food into simpler substances that can be used by the body
  2. b nutrients, energy, building blocks
  3. c Study of the organization, structure, (morphology) and form of the body and its parts.
  4. d affect and be affected by all functions of the body such as heart rate, breathing, etc.
  5. e upper and lower limbs - no cavities. Ex. arms, legs

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  1. divides the thorax into right and left halves
  2. releases energy from food
  3. when correcting the problem brings the value back to normal, and the action of effectors gradually shut down.
  4. metabolic processes, transportation, regulating body temp.
  5. removal of wastes

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  1. RoO Heatnutrients, energy, building blocks


  2. Receptorsreceive info about the conditions of the internal environment.


  3. Ventral cavity is made up ofthoracic cavity and and abdominopelvic cavity separated by the diaphragm


  4. PhysiologyStudy of functions of the body parts. What they do and how they do it.


  5. Axial portionhead, neck, and trunk...which includes a dorsal and ventral cavity


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