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  1. Homeostatic Mechanisms
  2. Cranial
  3. CoL Reproduction
  4. Ventral cavity is made up of
  5. Major features
  1. a thoracic cavity and and abdominopelvic cavity separated by the diaphragm
  2. b head
  3. c cavities, membranes, and organ systems.
  4. d making new organisms and/or new cells.
  5. e help the body maintain stability

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  1. upper and lower limbs - no cavities. Ex. arms, legs
  2. cranial cavity and vertebral canal
  3. changing absorbed substances into chemically different forms.
  4. appendicular and axial portions
  5. chest

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  1. CoL Respirationexchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and the release of energy from foods.


  2. Two types of feedbackNegative and positive feedback


  3. Requirements of Organisms Watermetabolic processes, transportation, regulating body temp.


  4. CoL Growthincrease in size without change in shape


  5. Axial portionupper and lower limbs - no cavities. Ex. arms, legs


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