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  1. Ventral
  2. Abdominopelvic
  3. RoO Foods
  4. The body can be divided into
  5. CoL Growth
  1. a front
  2. b nutrients, energy, building blocks
  3. c increase in size without change in shape
  4. d appendicular and axial portions
  5. e can be divided into the abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity

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  1. chest
  2. spine
  3. removal of wastes
  4. making new organisms and/or new cells.
  5. receive info about the conditions of the internal environment.

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  1. RoO Pressurea force applied to something; atmospheric pressure; hydrostatic pressure.


  2. Physiologyhead


  3. Major featurescavities, membranes, and organ systems.


  4. Viscerafront


  5. CoL Digestionbreakdown of food into simpler substances that can be used by the body


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