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  1. Metabolism can
  2. RoO Pressure
  3. Smaller cavities in the head
  4. CoL Reproduction
  5. Characteristics of Life Movement
  1. a change in position of the body or a body part; motion of an organ.
  2. b affect and be affected by all functions of the body such as heart rate, breathing, etc.
  3. c oral, nasal, orbital, and middle ear cavities.
  4. d a force applied to something; atmospheric pressure; hydrostatic pressure.
  5. e making new organisms and/or new cells.

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  1. movement of substances in body fluids.
  2. front
  3. changing absorbed substances into chemically different forms.
  4. appendicular and axial portions
  5. head, neck, and trunk...which includes a dorsal and ventral cavity

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  1. CoL Growthincrease in size without change in shape


  2. RoO Heatenergy; byproduct of metabolic


  3. From most microscopic to largest, the body is organized in this manner:Atoms, molecules (and macromolecules), organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ system, organism.


  4. CoL Digestionremoval of wastes


  5. Abdominopelvicmaintaining a stable internal environment even if external environment changes


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