The outsiders book questions

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what does ponyboy enjoy?

sunsets, and reading

who enjoys movies?

cherry valance

where else do you see the sentence in the beginning of the book?

in the end also

what tragedy happened to the curtis boys?

their parents died in a car accident

what horrible thing happened to Johnny?

he got jumped by some socs and he got really hurt

who always carries a switchblade?

two-bit and johnny

what car do socs drive?

blue mustang

in the middle of the novel what big scene happened?

johnny killed bob-a soc

what did johnny and pony do after they killed bob?

they went to darry for help

what did darry give them? (4)

clothes, a full gun, a plan, and money

where did they go?

the church and hood there for a while until the murdur blows over.

how did johnny and pony waste time?

by reading gonw with the wind, and playing poker/cards

what happened to the church?

it caught on fire

who was inside?


what did ponyboy and johnny do?

went in to save the kids

what happned after they got all the kids out?

they both got hurt and rushed to the hospital

what injuries did pony get?

burns and small concussion

what injurys did johnny get?

3 degree burns and a broken back from a large log that landed on his back when they were saving the kids from the fire

when it was the night of the big fight, what injury took pony out?

getting kicked in the head and a small concussion

who won the fight?

the greasers

where did the greasers go after the fight?

to go see johnny

what lie did dally make to the cop?

that when they were driving to the hospital to so johnny he told the cop that ponyboy was hurt and needed to get there as quick as they could

what did dally do to go see johnny?

threaten the nurse with a switchblade

what did the nurse say to the greasers?

that he was dying

what was johnny's last words?

stay gold ponyboy.....staygold

what reaction did dally have about johnny dying?

he punched the wall and blammed pony for everything

what was ponyboys rection for johnny dying?

wasnt as bad as dally becuase he has experienced death

why did dally call the curtis boys the night johnny died?

he robbed a grocery store and the cops where after him and he needed help

what happened to dally?

he took out his gun so the cops would shoot him so he was comitting suaside

what does pony convince himself?

that johnny is not dead

what was wrong with pony after johnny died?

he was sick,he had exastion, shock, and a minor concusion

wht did johnny leave pony?

the gone with the wind book

what did pony refuse to eat?


how long did pony stay in bed?

a whole week

who comes to see him?


what does darry tell randy that the doctor said about pony?

that he will get over johnny's death and that he is dead

what 2 things do darry and johnny fight about after randy leaves?

smoking in bed and keeping his room messy

who was at the hearing?

cherry and her parents,randy and his parents, pony, soda, darry, and some of the socs that jumped johnny and pony the night of the murder

what story does randy tell?

that johnny killed bob out of self-defense

how is pony acting like dallas?

to act tougher

what does darry mean by your living in a vacum?

that there is a better life for him out of this small town

why does soda leave the house?

because he hates it when pony and darry fight

what does darry tell pony about sandy?

that she left adn didnt love him as soda loved her

what does soda tell them about their fights?

like playing tuf of war and he is in the middle of it being torn apart

what does pony find in the gone in the wind book?

a letter from johnny

what does johnny say that the poem by robert frost mean?

that kids are new they are green and gold adn everything to live for, and johnny didnt really

what does johnny want pony to do for dallas?

he wanted to take him to a sunset because he has a hard time recondnizing beauty

how does pony start his theme?

when i stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, i had only 2 things on my mind: paul newman and a ride home.

what did his englidh teacher tell pony about his grades?

he tol him that he is failing and if he does a good theme he will get a C

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