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  1. American Artists
  2. Impressionism
  3. Renaissance - 16th c.
  4. Italy primary cities
  5. Dada
  1. a 19th c. France; 20 yrs in making; loss of patrons; brushstrokes emphasized
  2. b florence, italy, rome
  3. c Ed Hopper "Nighthawks" diner; Grant Wood "American Gothic"
  4. d Paris 20th c., the "anti art"; about irony, humor, shock; manipulate for humor
  5. e Mannerism; dramatic use of space/ light & emotion, exaggerated color, elongated figures

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  1. Renaissance (rebirth); High Ren 1490-1530; humanism; heaven down to earth; art patrons (Medici); Uffizi Gallery priv collection
  2. Leader of Avantgarde - forward-thinking, controversial, against the norm; France; most important impressionism artist; emphasis on brishstrokes;
  3. post impressionist who portrayed personal expressions of things we cannot see (air, smoke, glowing light orbs); larger dots similar to pointillism; vivid colors/energy/intensity
  4. 20th c. Paris; concepts of motion & speed
  5. Early/Bronze Age, Late 7th to early 5th c. BCE,

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  1. American PaintingEd Hopper "Nighthawks" diner; Grant Wood "American Gothic"


  2. Renaissance artistsEd Hopper "Nighthawks" diner; Grant Wood "American Gothic"


  3. Rome - Middle Ages18th - 19th c.; Oil paint in tubes 1841; allowed portability; Hudson River School (band of people w/ same philosophies)


  4. 2 types of cubismParis, 20th c.; Picasso & Braque; challenges shape & shatters space


  5. CubismParis, 20th c.; Picasso & Braque; challenges shape & shatters space


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