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  1. Surrealism
  2. photography/Daguerreotypes
  3. Romanticism, 18th - 19th c.
  4. Rome - Middle Ages
  5. Henry Ossawa Tanner
  1. a influenced realism; threat to painting
  2. b 1st African-American painter & 1st to paint people of color
  3. c 1000 yrs b/t Romans & Renaissance, 5th c BCE, Animal style, no christian figures; Gothic architecture w/ stained glass
  4. d feeling over facts; heightened state of emotion
  5. e Paris 20th c., the unconscious mind; dreams; alternate reality; eiry/mysterious - influenced by Freud

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  1. Barroque period; red, dramatic direct light source; Violence/Realism/Death; artists begin taking control by challenging govt & church
  2. Mannerism; dramatic use of space/ light & emotion, exaggerated color, elongated figures
  3. Enlightenment period (progress v. religion); Neoclasm (Greek influenced; no violence, plain, serious, theatrical)
  4. late 7th to early 5th c. BCE, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic
  5. Carravaggio, Vermeer, Velazquez (spains principle painter), Jan Van Eyck (invented linseed oil in 1400's to allow intense/dense colors)

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  1. American ArtistsEd Hopper "Nighthawks" diner; Grant Wood "American Gothic"


  2. CubismParis, 19th c.; Henri Matisse; bright colors/no rules/paint anything in any color


  3. Italy 14th c - 17th cRenaissance (rebirth); High Ren 1490-1530; humanism; heaven down to earth; art patrons (Medici); Uffizi Gallery priv collection


  4. MonetEarly/Bronze Age, Late 7th to early 5th c. BCE,


  5. FauvismParis, 19th c.; Henri Matisse; bright colors/no rules/paint anything in any color


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