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  1. ecstacy (MDMA)
  2. neurotransmitter
  3. botulism
  4. adenosine
  5. epinephrine
  1. a a fatal condition produced by bacteria in spoiled food, in which a toxin produced by the bacteria prevents the release of ACh
  2. b a clost relative of amphetamine that produces its behavioral effects by stimulating the release of serotonin
  3. c one of the monoamine (also known as Adrenaline)
  4. d a byproduct of adenosine trisphosphate that functions as a neurotransmitter
  5. e a chemical messenger that communicates across a synapse.

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  1. a brainstem area, in which the blood brain barier barrier is more permeable, that triggers vomitting in response to the detection of circulation toxins
  2. a drug that produces strong sedation by acting as a GABA agonist
  3. a substance derived from the Amazonian plants that causes paralysis by blocking the the nicotinic ACh receptor
  4. a substance that promotes the activity of a neurotransmitter
  5. a postsynaptic receptor that respondes to nicotine and ACh

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  1. pure insertion (pure deletion)the assumption that adding a different component to a task does not change the operation of other components


  2. catecholaminepart of a group of biogenic amines that includes dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine.


  3. neuropeptidea chemical messenger that communicates with target cells at great distance, often by travelling through the circulation.


  4. psychoactive druga stimulant drug that is the major active component found in tobacco


  5. morphinea neurotransmitter implicated in motor control, reward and psychosis.


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