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  1. neurohormone
  2. dopamine
  3. BOLD
  4. nitric oxdie (NO)
  5. neuropeptide
  1. a a gas that performs a type of signaling between neurons
  2. b a chemical messenger that communicates with target cells at great distance, often by travelling through the circulation.
  3. c a neurotransmitter implicated in motor control, reward and psychosis.
  4. d Blood oxygen-level-dependent contrast; the signal measured in fMRI that relates to the concentration of deoxyhemoglobin in the blood
  5. e a peptide that acts as a neurotransmitter, a neuromodulator, or a neurohormone

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  1. the effect of one variable upon another
  2. a stimulant drug that is the major active component found in tobacco
  3. the assumption that adding a different component to a task does not change the operation of other components
  4. a substance derived from the Amazonian plants that causes paralysis by blocking the the nicotinic ACh receptor
  5. perceived benefit from inactive substances or procedures

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  1. acetylchoilnesterasea major small-molecule neurotransmitter used at the neuromusculus junction, in the autonomic nervous system, and in the CNS.


  2. nucleus accumbensa dopaminergic structure believed to participate in reward and addiction


  3. epinephrinea highly addictive drug that acts as a potent dopamine agonist


  4. norepinephrinea major monoamine and catecholamine neurotransmitter


  5. amphetaminea variation of amphetamine that is cheaply produced and widely abused in the US


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