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  1. area postrema
  2. adenosine
  3. cocain
  4. acetylcholine (ACh)
  5. monoamine oxidase
  1. a a brainstem area, in which the blood brain barier barrier is more permeable, that triggers vomitting in response to the detection of circulation toxins
  2. b a byproduct of adenosine trisphosphate that functions as a neurotransmitter
  3. c a powerful addictive dopamine agonist derived from the leaves of the cocoa plant in south america
  4. d an enzyme that breaks down monoamines
  5. e a major small-molecule neurotransmitter used at the neuromusculus junction, in the autonomic nervous system, and in the CNS.

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  1. a major tranquilizer that acts as a GABA agonist
  2. a substance produced during during the synthesis of catecholamines that is also administered as a treatment for Parkinsno's Disease
  3. a dopaminergic structure believed to participate in reward and addiction
  4. a stimulant drug found in coffee, tea, chocolate that acts as an antagonist to adenosine.
  5. an essential component of proteins (it's building blocks)

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  1. Structural imagingmeasures of the spatial configuration of different types of tissue in the brain (principally CT and MRI)


  2. psychoactive druga drug that produces changes in mental processes


  3. addictiona compulsive craving for drug effects or other experience


  4. withdrawalthe symptoms that occur when certain adictive drugs are no longer administered in smaller quantities.


  5. metamphetaminea highly addictive drug that acts as a potent dopamine agonist


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