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  1. incoherent
  2. secular
  3. queried
  4. exonerated
  5. expedite
  1. a worldly; not pertaining to church matters or religion; temporal
  2. b process fast and efficiently
  3. c impossible to explain or understand
  4. d inquired, or to question
  5. e freed from blame, found not guilty

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  1. strong feelings of embarrassment
  2. something that incites or provokes
  3. pertaining to or befitting a son or daughter; Ex. filial respect
  4. a manner of speaking that is distinctive of a particular group of people
  5. placed between two pieces, intervene

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  1. incredulousrelinquish possession or control over


  2. debonairhaving a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air


  3. intrinsicplaced between two pieces, intervene


  4. precipitatedVerb; a: to fall headlong b: to fall or come suddenly into some condition


  5. plebeianone of the common people


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