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  1. disarray
  2. credence
  3. murky
  4. emulate
  5. utopian
  1. a dark and gloomy, obscure; lacking in clarity and precision
  2. b founded upon or involving a visionary view of an ideal world; impractical
  3. c to imitate with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model
  4. d belief, mental acceptance
  5. e disorder, confusion; to throw into disorder

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  1. marked by evil and corruption, devoid of moral principles
  2. to approach and speak to first; to confront in a challenging or aggressive way
  3. obligatory, required; one who holds a specific office at the time spoken of
  4. without delay or formality; briefly, concisely
  5. (n.) a legendary bird identified with the kingfisher; (adj.) of or relating to the halcyon; calm, peaceful; happy, golden; prosperous, affluent

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  1. acquisitiveable to get and retain ideas or information; concerned with acquiring wealth or property


  2. germanegreen in tint or color; immature in experience or judgement


  3. atrophyfounded upon or involving a visionary view of an ideal world; impractical


  4. surveillancea subtle or slight variation (as in color, meaning, quality), delicate gradation or shade of difference


  5. intermittentstopping and beginning again, sporadic


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