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  1. The claim of papal supremacy held that
  2. papal supremacy
  3. In the manor system, the peasants had to
  4. A vassal owed his first loyalty to his
  5. What important step did King Clovis take in ruling his conquered lands in that late 400s?
  1. a authority over all secular rulers
  2. b the pope had authority over all knights and emperors
  3. c liege lord
  4. d stay on the land for life
  5. e He converted to Christianity, the religion of the people of Gaul

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  1. an estate granted to a vassal by his lord
  2. receive the sacraments
  3. A poet or musician who traveled around and entertained people with songs about chivalry and courtly love.
  4. code of conduct for knights
  5. remained on the land to serve the new lord

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  1. As a response to overcrowding, residents if medieval cities builttaller houses and shops


  2. St. Francis of AssisiFounder of the Franciscans


  3. journeymana document that set out the rights and privileges of a town


  4. The new middle class in medieval society includedprotect themselves


  5. What was a purpose of the missi dominici that Charlemagne sent throughout his kingdom?Only the church could appoint Church officials such as bishops


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