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  1. What important step did King Clovis take in ruling his conquered lands in that late 400s?
  2. What crop restored fertility to the soil in the three-field system of rotating crops?
  3. Marriage in noble society often included fierce negotiations over
  4. Clovis
  5. The new middle class in medieval society included
  1. a the land in the woman's dowry.
  2. b Merchants
  3. c legumes
  4. d He converted to Christianity, the religion of the people of Gaul
  5. e King of Franks; conquered Gaul; earned support of Gaul and Church of Rome by converting; Ruled lands in Frankish custom but kept Roman legacy

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  1. person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry
  2. code of conduct for knights
  3. a document that set out the rights and privileges of a town
  4. a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord
  5. an estate granted to a vassal by his lord

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  1. apprenticea document that set out the rights and privileges of a town


  2. A vassal owed his first loyalty to hisliege lord


  3. Under Benedictine Rule, monks and nuns took vows ofwithdrew many rights that nuns had enjoyed


  4. As a response to overcrowding, residents if medieval cities builttaller houses and shops


  5. In the later Middle Ages, the Churchwithdrew many rights that nuns had enjoyed


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