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  1. To achieve salvation, medieval Christians believed they must
  2. fief
  3. Part of a vassal's obligation under his feudal contract was to
  4. St. Francis of Assisi
  5. Pope Leo III proclaimed Charlemagne to be Emperor of the Romans because Charlemagne had
  1. a Founder of the Franciscans
  2. b serve in the military.
  3. c receive the sacraments
  4. d an estate granted to a vassal by his lord
  5. e crushed a rebellion in Rome.

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  1. stay on the land for life
  2. the land in the woman's dowry.
  3. taller houses and shops
  4. the pope had authority over all knights and emperors
  5. person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry

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  1. when the ownership of a manor was granted to a new lord, the serfsremained on the land to serve the new lord


  2. What crop restored fertility to the soil in the three-field system of rotating crops?Only the church could appoint Church officials such as bishops


  3. A vassal owed his first loyalty to hisFounder of the Franciscans


  4. What important step did King Clovis take in ruling his conquered lands in that late 400s?remained on the land to serve the new lord


  5. Newcomers to a medieval city often settled in the fields outside the city walls becauselegumes


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