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  1. Odysseus
  2. libation
  3. fagots
  4. covenant
  5. Theoclymenus
  1. a bundles of sticks bonded together and used for fuel
  2. b a beggar
  3. c an agreement between two or more persons
  4. d a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity
  5. e the second-sighted man

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  1. reserved or reticent
  2. to labor arduously
  3. a passage of hall between the outer door and interior parts of a building
  4. ridicule; derision
  5. quitting or leaving entirely

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  1. tidingsnews, information, or notification


  2. swaththe space covered by the stroke of a scythe


  3. steadfastswineherd/ trusted servant


  4. demeanany event believed to portend something good or evil


  5. wanesto grow less in extent, as in the moon


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