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  1. Melanthius
  2. omen
  3. yearned
  4. vestibule
  5. strive
  1. a to have a strong desire
  2. b to exert oneself vigorously
  3. c evil goatherd
  4. d any event believed to portend something good or evil
  5. e a passage of hall between the outer door and interior parts of a building

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  1. female servants or attendants
  2. a beggar
  3. firm in purpose
  4. unlucky; unfortunate
  5. a loud confused noise

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  1. covenantto degrade or humble


  2. tidingsa loud confused noise


  3. demeanto degrade or humble


  4. Eumaeusswineherd/ trusted servant


  5. fagotsbundles of sticks bonded together and used for fuel


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