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  1. aloof
  2. demean
  3. vestibule
  4. smote
  5. wanes
  1. a to strike down
  2. b reserved or reticent
  3. c to degrade or humble
  4. d to grow less in extent, as in the moon
  5. e a passage of hall between the outer door and interior parts of a building

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  1. the expression of grief
  2. free from disease; healthy
  3. a beggar
  4. to present as a gift
  5. to address or speak of with contemptuous or abusive language

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  1. Theoclymenusson of Odysseus


  2. flourishingbeing at the height of development, activity, or fame


  3. Philoetiuscattleherd who prays for Odysseus's return


  4. forsakingquitting or leaving entirely


  5. pliablefree from disease; healthy


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