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  1. activo(a)
  2. todos los dias
  3. Prefiero...
  4. atlético(a)
  5. Prefiere pasar el rato solo(a).
  1. a I prefer...
  2. b He/she/you prefer(s) to spend time alone.
  3. c every day
  4. d athletic
  5. e active

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  1. on weekends
  2. What do your friends do on weekends?
  3. What
  4. dark-haired; dark-skinned
  5. I get up, I take a bath...

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  1. Y a tus amigos, ¿qué les gusta hacer?And your friends, what do they like to do?


  2. Le gusta ver la televisión.He/she/you like(s)...very much.


  3. extrovertido(a)outgoing


  4. Tengo pelo castaño y ojos de color café.I have brown hair and brown eyes.


  5. montar en bicicletato ride a bike


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