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  1. Ven televisión, traen películas...
  2. Soy...
  3. todos los dias
  4. Tengo pelo castaño y ojos de color café.
  5. Prefiero...
  1. a I'm...
  2. b I have brown hair and brown eyes.
  3. c every day
  4. d They watch television, bring movies...
  5. e I prefer...

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  1. to play tennis (chess)
  2. to ride a bike
  3. What do you do every morning?
  4. friendly
  5. They like...

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  1. Le encanta(n)prety


  2. las novelas de misterioon weekends


  3. ¿Qué hacen tus amigos los fines de semana?What do your friends do on weekends?


  4. atlético(a)active


  5. Le gusta(n) mucho...He/she/you like(s)...very much.


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