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Comprehensive AP Psychology Test Review that Mr.Comb DID NOT MAKE!!! Test

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  1. memory
  2. hypochondriasis
  3. circadian rhythm
  4. crystallized
  5. electroconvulsive therapy
  1. a term describes a type of intelligence which applies cultural knowledge to solving problems
  2. b functions associated with this include encoding, storage and retrieval
  3. c a treatment in which low level electric current is passed through the brain
  4. d the daily biological rhythms that occur in a 24-hour period
  5. e a disorder characterized by an unreasonable fear that one has a serious disease

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  1. refers to our ability to distinguish foreground from background in visual images
  2. a type of critical thinking in which one evaluates existing possible solutions to a problem to choose the best one
  3. a substance capable of producing a sensory effect in the absence of real external sensory stimuli
  4. the ability of the brain to adapt to damage by reorganizing functions
  5. also called sleep terror disorder, these include the characteristic of waking abruptly in a state of panic, usually in children, less often in adults

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  1. confounding variableextraneous factor that interferes with the action of the independent variable on the dependent variable


  2. unconditioned stimulusin conditioning it elicits the UCR


  3. neutralan understood rule for social behavior


  4. deindividuationtechnique used in psychoanalysis wherein the patient is asked to say whatever comes to mind without censorship


  5. operant conditioningchange in behavior due to watching other people behave


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