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  1. REBT
  2. need for affiliation
  3. serial position effect
  4. self-fulfilling prophecy
  5. cones
  1. a desire to associate with others, to be part of a group, to form close and intimate relationships
  2. b a belief or expectation that helps to make itself true
  3. c Albert Ellis's form of therapy for psychological disorders
  4. d neurons in the retina that are responsible for color vision
  5. e this tells us that the best recall of a list of items will be of those at the beginning of the list

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  1. in a neuron, reaching this causes the neuron to fire
  2. the ability of the brain to adapt to damage by reorganizing functions
  3. a defense mechanism in which unacceptable energies are directed into socially admirable outlets, such as art
  4. the idea that different sound frequencies stimulate different locations on the basilar membrae
  5. term describes conditioning in which the CS for one experiment becomes the UCS in another experiment so that another neutral stimulus can be made to elicit the original UCR

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  1. antagonistdrug which blocks the activity of neurotransmitters


  2. psychopharmacologythe study of the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior


  3. acetylcholine (ACh)the ability to learn from experience, to use information, to understand things


  4. morphemein language, the smallest unit that carries meaning


  5. electroconvulsive therapydeveloped by Carl Rogers, this humanistic therapy includes unconditional positive regard


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