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  1. anchoring heuristic
  2. thalamus
  3. experimental group
  4. client-centered
  5. pons
  1. a a mental tendency to base estimates on previously presented information, even if that information has nothing to do with the case at hand
  2. b part of the brain, works with the cerebellum in coordinating voluntary movement; neural stimulation studied in activation synthesis theory may originate here
  3. c subjects in an experiment to whom the independent variable is administered
  4. d the sensory switchboard
  5. e therapy developed by Rogers featuring the patient's self-discovery and actualization; also called person-centered

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  1. a complex pattern of behavior that is fixed across a species
  2. recognition that things continue to exist even though hidden from sight; infants generally gain this after 3 to 7 months of age
  3. culture in which the individual is valued more highly than the group
  4. these include fixed interval and variable ratio
  5. a belief or expectation that helps to make itself true

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  1. glial cellthis acts as a support system for neurons


  2. bulimia nervosaeating disorder characterized by excessive eating followed by purging


  3. law of effectThorndike's rule that behaviors which have positive outcomes tend to be repeated


  4. hungerit is regulated by the lateral hypothalamus and the ventromedial hypothalamus


  5. anorexia (nervosa)Kohlberg's stage of moral development in which rewards and punishments dominate moral thinking


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