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  1. misinformation effect
  2. mode
  3. sensorimotor
  4. cognitive therapy
  5. classical conditioning
  1. a treatment for psychological disorders that centers on changing self-defeating thinking
  2. b describes Piaget's stage in which the child explores the world through interaction of his mouth and hands with the environment
  3. c the most commonly occurring term in a batch of data
  4. d situation wherein subtle cues disrupt and/or distort one's memory of an event, often without conscious awareness of the influence
  5. e method of learning in which a neutral stimulus can be used to elicit a response that is usually a natural response to a stimulus

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  1. term that describes memories that can be consciously recalled
  2. in neurons, another name for sensory
  3. the sensory switchboard
  4. openness to new experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism
  5. a prediction of how the an experiment will turn out

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  1. extraversionone of the Big 5, a personality trait orients one's interests toward the outside world and other people, rather than inward


  2. interpositionthinking about thinking


  3. associative learninglearning in which an organism learns that certain events occur together, such as my cat knowing that she will be fed when I get home from work


  4. dependent variablethe extent to which two measures of the same trait or ability agree


  5. representativeness heuristicthe variable that the experimenter measures at the end of the experiment


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