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  1. availability heuristic
  2. retrieval
  3. somatic
  4. dreams
  5. just world
  1. a the process of recovering information stored in memory
  2. b phenomenon that describes the belief that what happens to people is what they deserve
  3. c occur most often during REM sleep; may be caused by activation-synthesis, or may be a way of cementing memories
  4. d this cognitive shortcut features the idea that events which are vividly in memory seem to be more common
  5. e a division of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movements

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  1. plural form of schema
  2. generally, learning in which certain experiences make certain behaviors more or less likely; there are two forms of this
  3. form of scientific investigation in which one variable is tested to determine its effect on another
  4. the notion that one is better off than those with whom one compares oneself; concept used to explain some feelings of happiness
  5. the extent to which differences in a group of a characteristic is due to genetics, not environment

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  1. adrenal glandsource of the hormone norepinephrine which affects arousal


  2. olfactory bulbthe process of recovering information stored in memory


  3. reaction formationa network of cells in the brainstem that filters sensory information and is involved in arousal and alertness


  4. hippocampusthe steady, stable state that is the body's regulatory processes try to maintain


  5. EEGa technique that enables us to see static images of the brain's structures; uses magnetism to achieve this effect


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