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  1. retroactive interference
  2. James-Lange
  3. latent
  4. insanity
  5. NREM
  1. a when new learning disrupts the recall of previously-learned information
  2. b refers to sleep during which there is no rapid eye movement
  3. c Freud's stage of psychosexual development occuring from about age 6 to puberty during which little happens in psychosexual terms
  4. d a legal term describing one's inability to be responsible for one's action due to the condition of the mind
  5. e theory of emotion in which physiological arousal precedes the emotion

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  1. this term describes what you have if your behaviors are driven mainly by outside forces
  2. Erikson's third stage in which the child finds independence in planning, playing and other activities
  3. organizing units of information into manageable units such as memorizing a phone number as three groups of information 248-555-1212
  4. in a neuron, reaching this causes the neuron to fire
  5. a complex pattern of behavior that is fixed across a species

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  1. humanisticperspective in psychology that stresses the goodness of people and their possibility of reaching their fullest potential


  2. pituitarygland that is the master gland of the endocrine system


  3. temperamentpersonality component that ranges from very calm to very exitable


  4. independenta complex pattern of behavior that is fixed across a species


  5. case studyscientific investigation in which a single subject is studied in great detail


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