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  1. after image
  2. normal distribution
  3. self-esteem
  4. standard deviation
  5. eardrum
  1. a an image that remains after a stimulus is removed, especially one in which the colors are reversed
  2. b describes a symmetrical, bell shaped curve that shows the distribution of many physical and psychological attributes
  3. c a computation of how much scores vary around a mean
  4. d the more positive one's estimation of one's qualities and characteristics, the higher this is
  5. e also called the tympanic membrane

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  1. therapy developed by Rogers featuring the patient's self-discovery and actualization; also called person-centered
  2. in Freud's theory, the conflict which results in a boy gaining a superego and beginning to emulate his father
  3. situation in which one's beliefs continue despite the fact that the ground for the beliefs have been discredited
  4. Erikson's stage in which individuals form deeply personal relationships, marry, begin families
  5. a projective test in which subjects look at and tell a story about ambiguous pictures

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  1. paranoida type of schizophrenia characterized by prominent delusions that are persecutory or grandiose


  2. olfactory bulbthe first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose


  3. myelin sheatha layer of fatty tissue encasing a neuron's axon that speeds transmission


  4. pituitarygland that is the master gland of the endocrine system


  5. scapegoatthis theory says that having suffered negative experience, an individual might blame an innocent person or group for the experience and subsequently mistreat the person or group


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