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  1. serotonin
  2. pons
  3. oval window
  4. selective attention
  5. free association
  1. a membrane at the enterance to the cochlea through which the ossicles transmit vibrations
  2. b technique used in psychoanalysis wherein the patient is asked to say whatever comes to mind without censorship
  3. c part of the brain, works with the cerebellum in coordinating voluntary movement; neural stimulation studied in activation synthesis theory may originate here
  4. d a neurotransmitter; associated with improved mood and other positive emotions
  5. e this term describes the situation when you are focused on certain stimuli in the environment while other stimuli are excluded

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  1. a variety of disorders marked by inability to distinguish some or all colors
  2. conversion of sensory information into a form that can be retained as a memory
  3. name for a controversy in which it is debated whether genetics or environment is responsible for driving behavior
  4. the idea that dreams are the result of the cerebral cortex interpreting and organizing random flashes of brain activity, originating in the lower brain structures, especially the pons
  5. term refers to observations made of individual's behavior in an everyday life setting

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  1. EEGinitials of a method of representation of brain waves


  2. group polarizationthe highest of Malow's needs;


  3. thresholdin a neuron, reaching this causes the neuron to fire


  4. fundamental attribution errora way of explaining others' behavior by either one's disposition or one's situation


  5. need for affiliationdefense mechanism in which unacceptable impulses are transformed into their opposite


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