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  1. crystallized
  2. introversion
  3. embryo
  4. afferent
  5. long term potentiation
  1. a term describes a type of intelligence which applies cultural knowledge to solving problems
  2. b a possible source of the formation of memories; improvement in a neuron's ability to transmit caused by repeated stimulations
  3. c early stage of human development, when cells have begun to differentiate
  4. d in neurons, another name for sensory
  5. e a personality trait that signifies that one finds energy from internal sources rather than external ones

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  1. a consistent pattern of thinking, acting, feeling
  2. name for Freud's stage which features the Oedipus stage
  3. a reflex in which a newborn turns its head in response to a gentle stimulus on its cheek
  4. scientific investigations intended to solve practical problems
  5. we have two, right and left, and some brain functions seem to centered in one or the other

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  1. delta wavesthe process of recovering information stored in memory


  2. genital stageFreud's stage of psychosexual development when adult sexuality is prominent


  3. hierarchy of needsMaslow's theory of the most important motivations people have


  4. parietalmethod of brain imaging using positron emissions


  5. heuristica useful, but unprovable, cognitive shortcut, such as a


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