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  1. general adaptation syndrome
  2. law of effect
  3. attachment
  4. bipolar cells
  5. intimacy vs isolation
  1. a theory developed by Harlow; types include secure and insecure
  2. b Erikson's stage in which individuals form deeply personal relationships, marry, begin families
  3. c eye neurons that receive information from the retinal cells and distribute information to the ganglion cells
  4. d Seyle's concept that the body responds to stress with alarm, resistance and exhaustion
  5. e Thorndike's rule that behaviors which have positive outcomes tend to be repeated

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  1. numerical average of a set of numbers
  2. in conditioning it elicits the UCR
  3. these include fixed interval and variable ratio
  4. term that describes the memory of images
  5. defense mechanism in which painful memories are excluded from consciousness

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  1. representativethis kind of sample accurately reproduces the characteristics of the population a researcher is studying


  2. optic chiasmthe point in the brain where the visual field information from each eye


  3. cognitive dissonance theorythe notion that one is better off than those with whom one compares oneself; concept used to explain some feelings of happiness


  4. psychopharmacologythe idea that different sound frequencies stimulate different locations on the basilar membrae


  5. crystallizedGerman word for


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