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  1. safety
  2. paranoid
  3. ablation
  4. plasticity
  5. experiment
  1. a removal or destruction of brain tissue in a surgical procedure
  2. b the second rung of Maslow's hierarchy; refers to need for freedom from danger
  3. c the ability of the brain to adapt to damage by reorganizing functions
  4. d form of scientific investigation in which one variable is tested to determine its effect on another
  5. e a type of schizophrenia characterized by prominent delusions that are persecutory or grandiose

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  1. the process of modifying a schema to account for new information; the process of the eyes lens changing shape in order to focus on distant or near objects
  2. the notion that one is better off than those with whom one compares oneself; concept used to explain some feelings of happiness
  3. in operant conditioning, removing something unpleasant in order to elicit more of a particular behavior
  4. division of the nervous system that control the glands and organs; its divisions arouse or calm
  5. an external stimulus that tends to encourage behavior

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  1. biofeedbackprocess in which autonomic nervous system activity is recorded, amplified, and


  2. integrity vs despairErikson's final stage in which those near the end of life look back and evaluate their lives


  3. lesionany destruction or damage to brain tissue


  4. dendritea branch off the cell body of a neuron that receives new information from other neurons


  5. just worldphenomenon that describes the belief that what happens to people is what they deserve


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