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  1. impression
  2. eclectic
  3. exemplary
  4. discredit
  5. impinge
  1. a commendable; worthy of imitation
  2. b a feeling or understanding resulting from an experience
  3. c hinder; interfere with
  4. d to cause to be doubted
  5. e made up of a variety of sources or styles

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  1. intended to instruct
  2. a brilliantly executed plan
  3. shrewd; clever
  4. the act of suggesting or hinting
  5. arrogantly domineering or overbearing

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  1. austereshrewd; clever


  2. eloquenceintense enthusiasm


  3. embellishto make beautiful by ornamenting; to decorate


  4. enlighteningmutual hatred or ill-will


  5. emigrateto leave one country or region and settle in another


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