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  1. frank
  2. inveterate
  3. diligent
  4. inherent
  5. alleviate
  1. a marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
  2. b inborn; built-in
  3. c open and sincere in expression; straightforward
  4. d to ease a pain or a burden
  5. e long established; deep-rooted; habitual

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  1. possessed at birth; inborn
  2. arrogant; vainly proud
  3. anxiety or fear about the future
  4. difficult to comprehend
  5. to put up with to survive a hardship

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  1. arideasily flowing


  2. disingenuousnot straightforward; crafty


  3. causticwithout decoration; strict


  4. gratuitousgiven freely; unearned; unwarranted


  5. conflagrationa fixed or strong belief


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