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  1. frenetic
  2. fractious
  3. caustic
  4. disdain
  5. integrity
  1. a trustworthiness; completeness
  2. b wildly excited or active
  3. c biting sarcastic or witty
  4. d quarrelsome; unruly
  5. e (n.) contempt, scorn (v.) to regard or treat with contempt; to look down on

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  1. mutual hatred or ill-will
  2. copied or adapted from a source
  3. describing a category of artistic endeavor
  4. intricate; complex
  5. intense enthusiasm

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  1. indolentpossessed at birth; inborn


  2. heinousplentiful; having a large quantity


  3. cordialcircumstances of a situation; environment


  4. benevolentlazy


  5. discoursewithout decoration; strict


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