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  1. arbitrary
  2. acquired
  3. disparage
  4. impinge
  5. deleterious
  1. a hinder; interfere with
  2. b determined by impulse rather than reason
  3. c having a harmful effect; injurious
  4. d developed or learned; not naturally occurring
  5. e to speak of in a slighting way or negatively; to belittle

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  1. (adj.) softening and soothing (n.) something that softens or soothes
  2. a collection of literary pieces
  3. one who designs or makes maps
  4. unable to be reformed
  5. emotionally unrestrained; gushy

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  1. arbitersomething that indicates what is to come; a forerunner


  2. cogentconvincing; reasonable


  3. flagrantextremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable


  4. indolentconvincing; reasonable


  5. incumbentinsulting in manner or speech


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