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  1. sarcomere
  2. muscle fibers controlled by a single motor neuron
  3. perimysium
  4. carries electrical impulses to the cells interior
  5. muscle doesn't change length, and tension produced doesn't exceed resistance
  1. a divides the skeletal muscles into compartments, each containing a bundle of muscle fibers
  2. b motor unit
  3. c the smallest functional unit of the muscle fiber. Organizes myofilaments
  4. d isometric
  5. e tranverse tubules function

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  1. wrinkles your forehead
  2. a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by a neuron to communicate with other cells
  3. extends the fingers
  4. extends the elbow
  5. injection site

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  1. gastrocnemiusshrugs your shoulders


  2. trapeziusshrugs your shoulders


  3. tetanya single stimulus-contraction-relaxation sequence in a muscle fiber


  4. zygomaticusused in smiling


  5. biceps femorisallows you to flex the elbow


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