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  1. muscle tone
  2. perimysium
  3. acetylcholine
  4. tetany
  5. gluteus maximus
  1. a extends the hip
  2. b divides the skeletal muscles into compartments, each containing a bundle of muscle fibers
  3. c repeated prolonged contraction of muscles, especially of the face and limbs, caused by low blood calcium
  4. d a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by a neuron to communicate with other cells
  5. e is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles

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  1. extends the fingers
  2. used in smiling
  3. a specialized form of smooth endoplasmic recticulum. Forms a tubular network around each myofibril
  4. the smallest functional unit of the muscle fiber. Organizes myofilaments
  5. cardiac muscles

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  1. quadricepsextend the knee


  2. gastrocnemiustoe dancers muscle


  3. muscle fibers controlled by a single motor neuronextends the fingers


  4. sacrolemmacell membrane


  5. gluteus mediusextends the hip


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