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  1. gastrocnemius
  2. sacrolemma
  3. triceps brachii
  4. myofibril
  5. orbicularis oculi
  1. a bundles of thick and thin myofilaments, protein filaments consisting primary of the proteins actin and myosin. inside muscle fiber
  2. b cell membrane
  3. c extends the elbow
  4. d toe dancers muscle
  5. e used to wink

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  1. a specialized form of smooth endoplasmic recticulum. Forms a tubular network around each myofibril
  2. repeated prolonged contraction of muscles, especially of the face and limbs, caused by low blood calcium
  3. allows you to flex the elbow
  4. skeletal muscles
  5. wrinkles your forehead

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  1. muscle toneallows you to blow up a balloon


  2. masseterthe smallest functional unit of the muscle fiber. Organizes myofilaments


  3. carries electrical impulses to the cells interiorsmooth muscles


  4. endomysiumsurrounds the entire muscle


  5. contain intercalated disks, striated, voluntarycardiac muscles


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