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  1. gluteus maximus
  2. tetany
  3. sacrolemma
  4. sarcomere
  5. sarcoplasm
  1. a extends the hip
  2. b repeated prolonged contraction of muscles, especially of the face and limbs, caused by low blood calcium
  3. c cell membrane
  4. d cytoplasm
  5. e the smallest functional unit of the muscle fiber. Organizes myofilaments

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  1. used in chewing your food
  2. wrinkles your forehead
  3. motor unit
  4. used to flex your knee
  5. skeletal muscles

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  1. muscle doesn't change length, and tension produced doesn't exceed resistancemotor unit


  2. trapeziusshrugs your shoulders


  3. zygomaticussurrounds each skeletal muscle fiber and ties adjacent muscle fibers together


  4. tension rises and the skeletal muscle's length changesisotonic


  5. carries electrical impulses to the cells interiortranverse tubules function


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