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  1. autograph
  2. apocalypse
  3. Apocryphal New Testament
  4. cosmos
  5. baptism
  1. a noncanonical books such as the Gospel of Peter that claim apostolic authorship, but were known in antiquity to be in authentic
  2. b the original manuscript of literary text, from a Greek word meaning "the writing itself"
  3. c an uncovering or revelation (e.g., the Apocalypse or Revelation to John), applied to a type of literature that is pessimistic about humanity's possibilities and hence discloses God's plan for the last days
  4. d the act or sacrament of immersion into water by which a person was received into the early Christian church
  5. e the world or universe, a Greek term frequently used in ancient philosophical discussion; in the New Testament it often takes a negative sense

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  1. the group of rabbinical scholars who settled in the costal town of Jamnia shortly before the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and helped to standardized the Jewish region
  2. traditionally the visible departure of Jesus into heaven forty days after His resurrection
  3. the community of believers in Jesus Christ, the term is used of individual congregations and of the entire fellowship of Christians
  4. a story whose details or actions illustrate or tell about something quite different, each element of an allegory possesses its own distinct meaning
  5. the aspect of Christian thought concerned specifically with the revelation of God in Jesus Christ

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  1. AramaicSemitic language of Palestine during the time of Jesus


  2. cynicsa term originally applied to a measuring reed, later used of books or writings that became authoritative for early Christians


  3. antithesesthe six contrasts with ancient teaching that Jesus proclaims in the Sermon on the Mount (matt. 5:21-48) in the anithetical form, "You have heard...But I say to you..."


  4. Abbathe intimate, familiar Aramaic word for father. In the normal piety of the first-century Judaism this form of address was too intimate to be used of God


  5. archaeologya reasoned explanation and justification of one's beliefs and/or practices, from a Greek word meaning "defense"


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