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  1. Impeachable offenses
  2. popular vote
  3. Pres Executive privilege/immunity powers
  4. Line-item veto
  5. Senatorial Courtesy
  1. a when selecting district court judges, the president defers to the senators of the presidents own party who represent that state
  2. b general voting population
  3. c executive office can choose not to appear or provide info to Congress or courts
  4. d Chief Exec power to delete/veto part of a bill passed by both houses that involves taxing/spending. Can be overriden by 2/3 vote in both houses
  5. e Bribery, Treason, & high crimes/misdemeanors

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  1. special/inherent power where pres refuses to spend the $ congress appropriated
  2. sets legislative agenda w/ state of the union; can initiate/recommend legislations; help set priorities (budget); req'd to act on bills/resolutions passed by congress w/in 10 days
  3. Presidential terms in office limited to 2 full terms plus 2 years (10 yrs total)
  4. Constitution, Statutes...considered Expressed powers b/c they are written
  5. Presidential executive

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  1. primaryagreement of president that DOES require 2/3 consent of senate


  2. Special/Inherent Powers of Pres1) Head of State; 2) Chief Executive; 3) Commander in Chief; 4) Chief Diplomat; 5) Chief Legislator


  3. General election for president heldNatural born citizen; at least 35 yrs old w/ 14 yrs of consecutive residency w/in US


  4. 25# of electoral votes Fl had in 2008


  5. ReprieveTemporary suspension of court imposed sentence or punishment


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