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  1. Executive agreement
  2. Who active-positive president
  3. Senatorial Courtesy
  4. Active-positive Pres
  5. Who passive-positive president
  1. a formal agreement of the president that does NOT require the advice/consent of the senate
  2. b Roosevelt, Kennedy
  3. c Taft, Harding, Reagan
  4. d when selecting district court judges, the president defers to the senators of the presidents own party who represent that state
  5. e like what they do and pursue agenda energetically (Roosevelt, Kennedy)

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  1. limits the use of troops in oversees combats to 90 days unless Congress approves extension
  2. state representatives who cast final ballot for pres
  3. private meeting of members of political party select delegates for nominating committee
  4. electoral votes needed to be elected president
  5. first Tuesday in November in a Presidential yr

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  1. Super Tuesdaypolitical process where House of Representatives investigates by way of a grand jury and files charges against a member of the executive or judicial branch


  2. Commander in Chief roleceremonial, symbolic, figurehead


  3. State of the Union Speech purposeHead of govt; enforces laws of congress, judgments of fed cts, treaties & obligations; Limited power to appoint, grant reprieves, pardons, exec clemency


  4. If no VP candidate receives 270 electoral votesSenate elects from top 2 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote & the 2 senators from that state must agree on who will recv their vote


  5. Head of State Roleceremonial, symbolic, figurehead


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