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  1. Formal Roles/Powers of Pres
  2. 25
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Super Tuesday
  5. 173
  1. a 1) Head of State; 2) Chief Executive; 3) Commander in Chief; 4) Chief Diplomat; 5) Chief Legislator
  2. b electoral votes rec'd by McCain in 2008
  3. c State that usually holds the 1st primary in pres election
  4. d # of electoral votes Fl had in 2000
  5. e Primary election date early in presidential election yr

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  1. when selecting district court judges, the president defers to the senators of the presidents own party who represent that state
  2. 1) precedence 2) practices 3) customs & traditions of office
  3. like what they do and pursue agenda energetically (Roosevelt, Kennedy)
  4. total electoral votes in a presidential election
  5. formal agreement of the president that does NOT require the advice/consent of the senate

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  1. presides over LegislatureParliamentary Executive


  2. RNC ChairMichael Steele


  3. Legislative Vetoauthority given to congress by 2/3 vote in each house to override presidential veto


  4. Pres Executive privilege/immunity powersexecutive office can choose not to appear or provide info to Congress or courts


  5. Who passive-positive presidentRoosevelt, Kennedy


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