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  1. Passive-positive Pres
  2. Who passive-negative president
  3. caucus
  4. 365
  5. Impeachable offenses
  1. a like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)
  2. b "rare" Coolidge, Eisenhawer
  3. c private meeting of members of political party select delegates for nominating committee
  4. d Bribery, Treason, & high crimes/misdemeanors
  5. e electoral votes rec'd by Obama in 2008

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  1. House elects from top 3 candidates w/ ea state given 1 vote; reps of ea state decide who will recv that vote
  2. agreement of president that DOES require 2/3 consent of senate
  3. electoral voter who fails to translate their states popular vote into same candidate electoral vote
  4. VP, Speaker of House, Pres Pro Tempore, Secretaries from diff. depts (oldest to newest) starting w/ Sec'y of State & ending w/ Sec'y of Homeland Security
  5. sets the legislative agenda based on presidents Chief legislative role

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  1. Pocket vetogeneral voting population


  2. Political patronageforgiveness of a serious offense or offender. cancels conviction & eliminates sanctions & punishments


  3. 173electoral votes rec'd by McCain in 2008


  4. General election for president heldNatural born citizen; at least 35 yrs old w/ 14 yrs of consecutive residency w/in US


  5. 270# of electoral votes Fl had in 2008


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