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  1. Iowa
  2. Who active-negative president
  3. caucus
  4. Pres emergency powers
  5. Super Tuesday
  1. a Primary election date early in presidential election yr
  2. b "meanies" Johnson, Nixon
  3. c private meeting of members of political party select delegates for nominating committee
  4. d State that usually holds the 1st caucus in pres election
  5. e special/inherent power exercised only during nat'l emergencies

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  1. like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)
  2. agreement of president that DOES require 2/3 consent of senate
  3. Bribery, Treason, & high crimes/misdemeanors
  4. Don't enjoy presidency and don't actively pursue agenda. "rare" (Coolidge, Eisenhower)
  5. general voting population

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  1. Veto power importanceprevents bills passed by both houses of congress from becoming law


  2. Active-positive Preslike what they do and pursue agenda energetically (Roosevelt, Kennedy)


  3. Head of State Rolepower to make treaties w/ advice & consent of congress; power to enter into executive agreement; power to recognize other contries, nominate & receive ambassadors


  4. Qualifications for Presidentfirst Tuesday in November in a Presidential yr


  5. Legislative Vetoauthority given to congress by 2/3 vote in each house to override presidential veto


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