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  1. Senatorial Courtesy
  2. Head of State Role
  3. Iowa
  4. 365
  5. Passive-positive Pres
  1. a ceremonial, symbolic, figurehead
  2. b electoral votes rec'd by Obama in 2008
  3. c State that usually holds the 1st caucus in pres election
  4. d like what they do, but not energetic in pursuits (Taft, Harding, Reagan)
  5. e when selecting district court judges, the president defers to the senators of the presidents own party who represent that state

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  1. 1) official nomination of Pres/VP ticket for party; 2) Pres adopts a platform of general & specific philosophies & goals
  2. special/inherent power where pres refuses to spend the $ congress appropriated
  3. Presidential executive
  4. power to make treaties w/ advice & consent of congress; power to enter into executive agreement; power to recognize other contries, nominate & receive ambassadors
  5. special/inherent Executive legislative power used to give directives or reorganize bureaucracy; has effect of law

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  1. Faithless electorelectoral voter who fails to translate their states popular vote into same candidate electoral vote


  2. Pocket vetoa bill is considered vetoed if congress adjourns during the 10 days the president has to consider a bill passed by both houses


  3. Treatyelection which voters decide which candidate will represent a party; no party vote crossing


  4. electoral votesstate representatives who cast final ballot for pres


  5. 22nd AmendmentPresidential terms in office limited to 2 full terms plus 2 years (10 yrs total)


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