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  1. tu as l'air fatigué
  2. ça va mieux
  3. le mauvais paquet
  4. bien sûr que non
  5. tout va bien
  1. a of course not
  2. b all is going well
  3. c you look tired
  4. d the wrong package
  5. e that's better

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  1. it's all the same to me
  2. before leaving
  3. the next time
  4. does it hurt ?
  5. I hope to come back

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  1. qu'est-ce que tu as?I hope to come back


  2. chaque semaineeach week


  3. pas du toutby mistake


  4. vous avez raisonall is going well


  5. n'importe quiI hope to come back


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