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  1. main function of he mouth is
  2. nucleolus
  3. cell wall
  4. plant cell
  5. cytoplasm
  1. a has a cell wall, large vacuole and chloroplasts
  2. b site of RNA production
  3. c provides support for the cell
  4. d starts carbohydrate digestion
  5. e all the area outside the nucleus

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  1. small and large intestines
  2. stores solid waste (poop)
  3. stacks of membraneous sacks where the molecules are packaged for export from the cell
  4. site of photosynthesis
  5. the main organ of the urinary system where liquid waste is removed from blood

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  1. centrioleprovides support for the cell


  2. diffusionthe movement of particles from higher concentration to areas of lower concentration


  3. lysomespherical organelles that contain digestive enzymes


  4. mechanical/physical digestionchewing or churning


  5. pepsinEnzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach


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