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  1. ER (endoplasmic reticulum)
  2. cytokinesis
  3. pepsin
  4. mitochondrion
  5. peristalsis
  1. a Enzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach
  2. b a membrane system of folded sacs and channels. site of protein synthesis
  3. c another name for cytoplasm division
  4. d the powerhouse of the cell. 90% of cells energy is generated here
  5. e process by which food moves down the esophagus

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  1. small and large intestines
  2. chewing or churning
  3. diffusion of water
  4. all the area outside the nucleus
  5. proteins start disgestion

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  1. plant cellsmall vacuole and centriole


  2. golgiEnzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach


  3. cell wallplays important role in cell division


  4. chloroplastsite of photosynthesis


  5. amylaseenzyme in saliva in the mouth that breaks down carbohydrates


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