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  1. cell membrane
  2. where does mechanical/physical digestion occur
  3. main function of the large intestines is
  4. plant cell
  5. vacuole
  1. a used for storage
  2. b has a cell wall, large vacuole and chloroplasts
  3. c determines the cells shape and holds the cells content
  4. d mouth and stomach
  5. e water is removed and feces (poop) is formed

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  1. manufacture proteins
  2. small vacuole and centriole
  3. mouth, stomach and 1st part of small intestine
  4. each enzyme can only catalyze 1 substrate
  5. the powerhouse of the cell. 90% of cells energy is generated here

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  1. amylasespherical organelles that contain digestive enzymes


  2. cell wallprovides support for the cell


  3. osmosisdiffusion of water


  4. mechanical/physical digestionchewing or churning


  5. diffusionthe movement of particles from higher concentration to areas of lower concentration


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