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  1. ER (endoplasmic reticulum)
  2. peristalsis
  3. main function of the colon is
  4. vacuole
  5. golgi
  1. a stores solid waste (poop)
  2. b process by which food moves down the esophagus
  3. c a membrane system of folded sacs and channels. site of protein synthesis
  4. d used for storage
  5. e stacks of membraneous sacks where the molecules are packaged for export from the cell

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  1. control center of the cell
  2. all nutrients finish digestion (lipids, carbs, proteins) nutrients are absorbed in to the blood
  3. mouth and stomach
  4. water is removed and feces (poop) is formed
  5. determines the cells shape and holds the cells content

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  1. mechanical/physical digestionchewing or churning


  2. plant cellhas a cell wall, large vacuole and chloroplasts


  3. where does chemical digestion occurmouth, stomach and 1st part of small intestine


  4. amylasespherical organelles that contain digestive enzymes


  5. mitochondrionthe powerhouse of the cell. 90% of cells energy is generated here


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