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  1. main function of the small intestines is
  2. golgi
  3. osmosis
  4. amylase
  5. main function of the colon is
  1. a enzyme in saliva in the mouth that breaks down carbohydrates
  2. b stacks of membraneous sacks where the molecules are packaged for export from the cell
  3. c stores solid waste (poop)
  4. d diffusion of water
  5. e all nutrients finish digestion (lipids, carbs, proteins) nutrients are absorbed in to the blood

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  1. ability to get waste products and nutrients in/out of the cell
  2. water is removed and feces (poop) is formed
  3. site of RNA production
  4. site of photosynthesis
  5. control center of the cell

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  1. kidneythe main organ of the urinary system where liquid waste is removed from blood


  2. cytokinesisanother name for cytoplasm division


  3. mechanical/physical digestionchewing or churning


  4. pepsinEnzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach


  5. main function of he mouth isstarts carbohydrate digestion


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