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  1. centriole
  2. ribosome
  3. amylase
  4. where else peristalsis occurs
  5. diffusion
  1. a enzyme in saliva in the mouth that breaks down carbohydrates
  2. b small and large intestines
  3. c the movement of particles from higher concentration to areas of lower concentration
  4. d manufacture proteins
  5. e plays important role in cell division

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  1. ability to get waste products and nutrients in/out of the cell
  2. process by which food moves down the esophagus
  3. Enzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach
  4. enzymes
  5. stacks of membraneous sacks where the molecules are packaged for export from the cell

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  1. main function of the colon isstores solid waste (poop)


  2. where does chemical digestion occurmouth and stomach


  3. cell wallplays important role in cell division


  4. nucleuscontrol center of the cell


  5. where does mechanical/physical digestion occurmouth and stomach


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