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  1. Rhetorical shift
  2. Non Sequitur
  3. Deductive
  4. Begging the question
  5. Cause and effect
  1. a AKA post hoc ergo propter hoc/ false cause. "Every time you turn on the game on television, the team loses. Therefore you're the cause of the losses." SUPERSTITIONS
  2. b Using claims to or premises to make a conclusion. Includes accepting the implied premise.
  3. c Speaker states a claim that includes a word or phrase that needs better definition. "Because of these extreme conditions, I need..." WHAT MAKES THE CONDITIONS EXTREME?!
  4. d Author alters diction, syntax, or both.
  5. e "it does not follow" Argument by misdirection and is logically irrelevant

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  1. Argument that distracts the reader by raising irrelevant issues. Too many suspects in a murder mystery
  2. an appeal to emotion
  3. consecutive coordinating conjunctions when they are not needed, "He was overwhelmed, as if by a tsunami, and by the fishes, and by the seaweed, and by the salt spray from the heavens."
  4. Introducing a character or person suggesting that he is not at all reliable before the listener knows anything about him.
  5. Study of origin of words and historical uses

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  1. GerundA verb ending in -ing that serves as a noun


  2. anadiplosisthe last word of the clause begins the next clause. Ex "The Furies pursued the men. The men.."


  3. Argument from ignoranceArguing something is true because its never been proven false. There are no aliens, etc.


  4. ApostropheDirect address to someone not present. Nearly always pathos. "O eloquent, just, and mighty Death!"


  5. Predicate NominativeAdjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence "the gigantic whirlpool was INKY black"


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