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  1. Epanalesis
  2. Subordinate Conjunction
  3. Straw Man
  4. Epistrophe
  5. anadiplosis
  1. a Makes an independent clause into a dependent clause. (because, since, which, if, when, although)
  2. b A person engaging in an argument defines the opponent's position without them present. Politicians use it a lot
  3. c the last word of the clause begins the next clause. Ex "The Furies pursued the men. The men.."
  4. d Ending of a series of lines, phrases, etc with the same word or words. "This government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this earth."
  5. e similar to chiasmus. "common sense is not so common", "The demon descended in a crowd toward a village now afraid of the demon"

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  1. The reversal of natural order of words in a sentence. "The poisoned apple she ate to her gave cramps of a serious nature."
  2. Introducing a character or person suggesting that he is not at all reliable before the listener knows anything about him.
  3. Combination of two or more elements in a sentence by use of a verb or noun. "She dashed his hopes and out of his life when she walked through the door."
  4. Associations or moods with certain words that can either be negative, positive, or neutral. Deals with author's tone and intention to choose certain diction.
  5. "it does not follow" Argument by misdirection and is logically irrelevant

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  1. UnderstatementCreates an exaggeration by showing restraint. The opposite of a hyperbole


  2. AnaphoraRepetition of word or phrase at beginning of lines, sentences, etc. "I will fight..., I will fight..."


  3. IronyA verb ending in -ing that serves as a noun


  4. SynthesisObservation or claim that is opposition of author's original claim. If we argue for drilling of wells, the antithesis is diverting water from river.


  5. Cause and effectAKA post hoc ergo propter hoc/ false cause. "Every time you turn on the game on television, the team loses. Therefore you're the cause of the losses." SUPERSTITIONS


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