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  1. Participle
  2. Red Herring
  3. False dilemma
  4. Syntax
  5. Zeugma
  1. a Argument that distracts the reader by raising irrelevant issues. Too many suspects in a murder mystery
  2. b A verb that is used as an adjective and ends in -ing or -ed.
  3. c Combination of two or more elements in a sentence by use of a verb or noun. "She dashed his hopes and out of his life when she walked through the door."
  4. d Rules of grammar that define a passage
  5. e Either/or fallacy aka the fallacy of the excluded middle. "There are only two options in gun control: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

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  1. The reversal of natural order of words in a sentence. "The poisoned apple she ate to her gave cramps of a serious nature."
  2. an appeal to emotion
  3. Making one idea more dramatic by placing it next to its opposite. "My goodness is often chastened by my sense of sin"
  4. An independent clause followed by all sorts of debris. "She wore yellow ribbon that matched the shingles of the house, which were painted last year, just before he left for the war."
  5. a sentence with several dependent clauses that precede the independent clause

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  1. AntithesisObservation or claim that is opposition of author's original claim. If we argue for drilling of wells, the antithesis is diverting water from river.


  2. Cause and effectAKA post hoc ergo propter hoc/ false cause. "Every time you turn on the game on television, the team loses. Therefore you're the cause of the losses." SUPERSTITIONS


  3. FallacyWords used to express something other than and often the opposite of the literal meaning. Verbal-contrast between what is said and what is meant. Situational-contrast between what happens and what was expected. Dramatic-contrast between what the character thinks and what the reader knows.


  4. Anaphoraan appeal to emotion


  5. Predicate NominativeAdjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence "the gigantic whirlpool was INKY black"


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