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  1. Loose sentence
  2. Poisoning the well
  3. Periodic Sentence
  4. Predicate Nominative
  5. Ellipsis
  1. a a sentence with several dependent clauses that precede the independent clause
  2. b An independent clause followed by all sorts of debris. "She wore yellow ribbon that matched the shingles of the house, which were painted last year, just before he left for the war."
  3. c Introducing a character or person suggesting that he is not at all reliable before the listener knows anything about him.
  4. d noun or pronoun that uses a linking verb to unit, describe, or rename the noun. "The silly dwarf is a squirrel"
  5. e three dots indicating words have been left out. The engine revved...

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  1. "it does not follow" Argument by misdirection and is logically irrelevant
  2. Makes an independent clause into a dependent clause. (because, since, which, if, when, although)
  3. A person engaging in an argument defines the opponent's position without them present. Politicians use it a lot
  4. Adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence "the gigantic whirlpool was INKY black"
  5. Unite variety of sources to achieve a common end. Combination of memory, commentary, and discussion to argue a point.

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  1. ParticipleA verb that is used as an adjective and ends in -ing or -ed.


  2. ApostropheEnding of a series of lines, phrases, etc with the same word or words. "This government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this earth."


  3. Slippery Slope (domino Theory)Fallacy of argumentation argues that one thing inevitably leads to another. Politicians use it a lot


  4. Rhetorical shiftsimilar to chiasmus. "common sense is not so common", "The demon descended in a crowd toward a village now afraid of the demon"


  5. ConnotationOmission of conjunctions from a series of related clauses. "All the orcs ate food, broke the dishes, trashed the hall, beat the dogs to the shower."


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