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  1. Ellipsis
  2. Non Sequitur
  3. Epanalesis
  4. Antithesis
  5. Participle
  1. a three dots indicating words have been left out. The engine revved...
  2. b "it does not follow" Argument by misdirection and is logically irrelevant
  3. c similar to chiasmus. "common sense is not so common", "The demon descended in a crowd toward a village now afraid of the demon"
  4. d A verb that is used as an adjective and ends in -ing or -ed.
  5. e Observation or claim that is opposition of author's original claim. If we argue for drilling of wells, the antithesis is diverting water from river.

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  1. Combination of two or more elements in a sentence by use of a verb or noun. "She dashed his hopes and out of his life when she walked through the door."
  2. Repetition of word or phrase at beginning of lines, sentences, etc. "I will fight..., I will fight..."
  3. Adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence "the gigantic whirlpool was INKY black"
  4. Study of origin of words and historical uses
  5. Own vocabulary or pattern of speech for a particular group

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  1. Straw ManA person engaging in an argument defines the opponent's position without them present. Politicians use it a lot


  2. Argument from ignoranceArguing something is true because its never been proven false. There are no aliens, etc.


  3. SyntaxRules of grammar that define a passage


  4. Predicate Nominativenoun or pronoun that uses a linking verb to unit, describe, or rename the noun. "The silly dwarf is a squirrel"


  5. SynthesisUnite variety of sources to achieve a common end. Combination of memory, commentary, and discussion to argue a point.


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