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  1. misdeed
  2. unquenchable
  3. frame story
  4. implicate
  5. foreboding
  1. a show to be part of or connected with
  2. b story made of smaller stories
  3. c bad act
  4. d feeling before hand
  5. e not capable of being satisfied

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  1. cut out
  2. not made shorter
  3. having two sides
  4. writing which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are use to make simple, direct statements
  5. faithful supporter

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  1. allegorya literary work in which characters, objects, and events represents abstract qualities and ideas


  2. inscribenot made shorter


  3. coupletcut out


  4. upstartperson that has suddenly risen to wealth or power


  5. aphorismshort sayings with a message


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