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English Midterm Vocabulary Test

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  1. extraneous
  2. iamb
  3. bilateral
  4. undersell
  5. unabridged
  1. a "foot", two syllables
  2. b to sell at a lower price
  3. c coming from or existing outside
  4. d not made shorter
  5. e having two sides

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  1. write, engrave, or print to create a lasting record
  2. `power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen
  3. person that has suddenly risen to wealth or power
  4. writing which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are use to make simple, direct statements
  5. a story based on a deal with the devil that involves an exchange of a character's soul for worldly possessions

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  1. implicatehanging over one's head; threatening; about to occur; impending


  2. outspokenspeaking out freely


  3. avocationrecords information about the writer's own travels to an unfamiliar place


  4. aphorismshort sayings with a message


  5. apostropheassigned date after the true date


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