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  1. unabridged
  2. undersell
  3. upstart
  4. excised
  5. misdeed
  1. a person that has suddenly risen to wealth or power
  2. b to sell at a lower price
  3. c not made shorter
  4. d bad act
  5. e cut out

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  1. short sayings with a message
  2. ancestors
  3. story made of smaller stories
  4. not capable of being satisfied
  5. having two sides

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  1. omniscient narratorsees and knows everything within the story. tells the reader things that the characters do not know, things that no human could ever know, knows thoughts and feelings of all the characters, in the third person point of view


  2. forebodingfeeling before hand


  3. notwithstandingin spite of


  4. iambic pentameterline of poetry with five iambic feet


  5. coupleta two line stanza


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