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  1. bilateral
  2. undersell
  3. unabridged
  4. adherent
  5. Puritan plain style
  1. a not made shorter
  2. b faithful supporter
  3. c to sell at a lower price
  4. d writing which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are use to make simple, direct statements
  5. e having two sides

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  1. write, engrave, or print to create a lasting record
  2. bad act
  3. domineering over others
  4. records information about the writer's own travels to an unfamiliar place
  5. short sayings with a message

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  1. unquenchablenot capable of being satisfied


  2. apostrophethe writer or speaker of a poem direct his speech to an imaginary person or personified object


  3. coupletassigned date after the true date


  4. allegoryfaithful supporter


  5. outspokena two line stanza


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