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  1. unquenchable
  2. misdeed
  3. avocation
  4. bilateral
  5. implicate
  1. a not capable of being satisfied
  2. b hobby
  3. c having two sides
  4. d show to be part of or connected with
  5. e bad act

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  1. writing which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are use to make simple, direct statements
  2. "foot", two syllables
  3. `power of seeing beforehand what is likely to happen
  4. assigned date after the true date
  5. ancestors

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  1. excisedbad act


  2. iambic pentameterline of poetry with five iambic feet


  3. coupleta two line stanza


  4. inscribewrite, engrave, or print to create a lasting record


  5. extraneouscoming from or existing outside


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