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  1. Testament
  2. Kerygma
  3. Lord
  4. Koine Greek
  5. Ascention
  1. a "covenant" an open ended contract between God and humans
  2. b common language shared by many people
  3. c core teaching about Jesus as the Savior and the Lord
  4. d Jesus' humanity entered heaven 40 days after his Ressurection
  5. e title for Jesus that names him God

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  1. name for the Holy Spirit
  2. story of God's saving activity in human history
  3. stoy involving a sustained comparrison in which people, thing, and events represent something else
  4. term dealing with end of times- death, heaven, hell
  5. official lists of the inspired books of the Bible. 46 Old Testamnt and 27 New

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  1. Midrashdivine teaching revealed to Judaism. Foundation of Jewish religion and found in Pentatuch


  2. Logosthe written word of God


  3. Gehennacore teaching about Jesus as the Savior and the Lord


  4. Fathers of the Churchtitle given to the early Curch theologians whose teachings have had lasting significance to the Church


  5. Evangalistperson who proclaims the good news of Christ. ex. Matt Mark Luke and John


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