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  1. Parable
  2. Kerygma
  3. Vulgate
  4. Dogma
  5. Martyr
  1. a peron who bears witness to his faith even until death
  2. b core teaching about Jesus as the Savior and the Lord
  3. c vivid story drawn from ordinary life that conveys religious truth
  4. d St. Jerome's Latin translation of the Bible into common language
  5. e Church teaching or doctrine

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  1. members of the ancient Jew sect noted for strict obediance to Jewish traditions
  2. study of genes or ancestors/record of ancestors
  3. official lists of the inspired books of the Bible. 46 Old Testamnt and 27 New
  4. term dealing with end of times- death, heaven, hell
  5. Essere monastery on the Northen shore of Dead Sea and is near where the Dead Sea scrolls were found

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  1. Torahtitle for Jesus that names him God


  2. Incarnationguidance given to the human authors of scripture to write what God wants


  3. Gnoticismgeneric term for variety of pre and early Chrisitian heresies that tought that salvation rests on secret knowlege


  4. Testament"covenant" an open ended contract between God and humans


  5. PentecostGreek speaking Christians


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