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  1. Paraclete
  2. Pharisees
  3. Paschal Mystery
  4. Evangalist
  5. Immaculate Conception
  1. a doctrine that God preserved Mary from original sin
  2. b God's love and salvation is revealed through Jesus
  3. c members of the ancient Jew sect noted for strict obediance to Jewish traditions
  4. d person who proclaims the good news of Christ. ex. Matt Mark Luke and John
  5. e name for the Holy Spirit

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  1. process of religious instruction and formation in the major elements of Catholic faith
  2. divine teaching revealed to Judaism. Foundation of Jewish religion and found in Pentatuch
  3. title bestowed on MAry at council of Ephesus meaning God bearer
  4. official lists of the inspired books of the Bible. 46 Old Testamnt and 27 New
  5. Proclamation by Jesus that inagurated his life, death, and ressurection. Process of God renewing things through Jesus- God's will is done on earth as it is in Heaven

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  1. SanhedrinJesus' humanity entered heaven 40 days after his Ressurection


  2. Divine Revelationwhen God became man by sending Jesus to teach, live and die with us


  3. Ascentionreception of Mary's body into heaven


  4. Allegorystoy involving a sustained comparrison in which people, thing, and events represent something else


  5. Incarnationwhen God became man by sending Jesus to teach, live and die with us


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