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  1. Ascention
  2. Catechesis
  3. Midrash
  4. Martyr
  5. Magisterium
  1. a peron who bears witness to his faith even until death
  2. b official teaching authority of Church that resides with the peope and bishopes
  3. c process of religious instruction and formation in the major elements of Catholic faith
  4. d Jesus' humanity entered heaven 40 days after his Ressurection
  5. e relates past scriptural events to passages in the Gospels where Jesus tells his apostles to not reveal his identity

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  1. when God became man by sending Jesus to teach, live and die with us
  2. doctrine that God preserved Mary from original sin
  3. Greek speaking Christians
  4. official lists of the inspired books of the Bible. 46 Old Testamnt and 27 New
  5. God's love and salvation is revealed through Jesus

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  1. Parousiavivid story drawn from ordinary life that conveys religious truth


  2. Gnoticismdefender of Christianity and Church who tries to show the reasonableness of faith


  3. Pentateuch"birthday of Christ" when the Holy Spirit was revealed to the Church(apostles)


  4. Fathers of the Churchnames for the first 5 books of the Old Testament


  5. Koine Greekcommon language shared by many people


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