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  1. tiananmen square
  2. universal male suffrage
  3. enabling act
  4. war of attrition
  5. anthropology
  1. a war based on wearing the other side down by constant attacks and heavy losses
  2. b the study of human life and culture by using artifacts and human remains to determine how people lived their lives
  3. c the right of all males to vote in elections
  4. d act which allowed hitler to ignore the constitution for four years
  5. e Site in Beijing where Chinese students and workers gathered to demand greater political openness in 1989. The demonstration was crushed by Chinese military with great loss of life.

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  1. a sudden overthrow of the government, usually by the millitary
  2. payment for war damages
  3. the german occupation of austria
  4. process of taking active steps to prepare for war by assembling troops and supplies
  5. called for an end to millitary action by one state in the affairs of any other state

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  1. iron curtainlanguage of everyday speech in a particular region


  2. english civil war causepower struggle between the king and Parliament, as well as religious issues involving the puritans - those who wished to purify the anglican church


  3. middle passagethe working class; also known as the "have nots" or the "oppressed"


  4. global economyless wealthy landowners, craftspeople, merchants, and small farmers were part of a larger group


  5. plebeiansgreat landowners, who became rome's ruling class


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