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  1. entrepreneur
  2. mercantilism
  3. circumnavigate
  4. plebeians
  5. congress of vienna
  1. a go around
  2. b less wealthy landowners, craftspeople, merchants, and small farmers were part of a larger group
  3. c the prosperity of a nation depends on maintaining a large gold supply and in maintaining a favorable balance of trade
  4. d people willing to take the risk of starting a business in order to make money
  5. e meeting of the european powers after the defeat of napolean which tried to restore order in europe

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  1. base in hawaii that was bombed by japan on December 7, 1941, which eagered America to enter the war
  2. shift in an economy based on agriculture and handmade products to an economy based on manufacturing by machines in factories
  3. the message to the german foreign minister in mexico in which the germans tried to get mexico to join the central powers
  4. slaves -> new world
  5. made it so that not one country gained too much power - england would always side with the weaker power

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  1. joint-stock companya company in which shares were sold to investors in order to fund voyages of exploration


  2. global economythe study of human life and culture by using artifacts and human remains to determine how people lived their lives


  3. artifactsthe objects, such as tools, pottery, and weapons, that early man left behind


  4. NATOarab oil producing states


  5. OPECarab oil producing states


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