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  1. intifada
  2. tiananmen square
  3. scientific method
  4. schlieffen plan
  5. ethics
  1. a uprising
  2. b german plan created by general alfred von Schlieffen in 1894, it called for germany to attack france first and preform a holding action against russia, and for the attack on france to occur in an arc through belgium rather than in a direct attack along the french-german border
  3. c a systematic procedure for collecting and analyzing evidence
  4. d Site in Beijing where Chinese students and workers gathered to demand greater political openness in 1989. The demonstration was crushed by Chinese military with great loss of life.
  5. e good conduct and moral behavior

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  1. the study of human life and culture by using artifacts and human remains to determine how people lived their lives
  2. an 18th century intellectual movement which applied the scientific method to see if there were laws which governed human behavior.
  3. a separation between the two great branches of Christianity that had not been completely healed today
  4. build up of the weapons and armies of the soviet union and the US, but most particularly the build up of nuclear weapons
  5. a prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the non-communist armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States

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  1. reign of terrorthe period from july of 1793 to july of 1794 where enemies of the revolution were tried and around 40,000 were executed


  2. philosophysite of the first atomic bomb drop on august 6, 1945


  3. hundred years war effectsKnown in America as French and Indian war. It was the war between the French and their Indian allies and the English that proved the English to be the more dominant force of what was to be the United States both commercially and in terms of controlled regions.


  4. vernacularlanguage of everyday speech in a particular region


  5. thirty years war second causea religious dispute that centered on the protestants in bohemia rebelling against the catholic Hapsburg family.


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