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  1. appeasement
  2. middle passage
  3. realpolitik
  4. ostracism
  5. reparations
  1. a whereby undesirable politicians could be removed from office if 6000 people wrote their names on ostracons, and the idea of paying office holders in order to allow the poor to serve in public office
  2. b the policy of satisfying the demands of a dissastisfied power in order to keep peace - or giving in to an aggressor to keep the peace
  3. c the policy of realism - the right of a state to pursue its own advantage by any means necessary
  4. d payment for war damages
  5. e slaves -> new world

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  1. before man developed a system of writing
  2. the study of human life and culture by using artifacts and human remains to determine how people lived their lives
  3. a separation between the two great branches of Christianity that had not been completely healed today
  4. this term refers to the restructuring of the soviet economy into a market economy by Mikhail Gorbachev, though he found that he had to restructure the political system as well
  5. restrictions on the sale of certain goods with the intent to enforce international law

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  1. Culturethe way of life that a group of people follows


  2. thirty years war second causeFrance joined the war on the side of the Protestants in order to keep the Catholic Hapsburg family, which was supported by Spain, from getting too much power.


  3. archaeologybefore man developed a system of writing


  4. bourgeoisiemiddle class and the controllers of the means of production; also known as the "haves" and the "oppressors"


  5. balance of tradethis was the turning point in the war between the germans and the soviets, as a soviet counterattack encircled the german 6ht army and caused a massive surrender of german forces in early 1943


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