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  1. coup d'etat
  2. mobilization
  3. OPEC
  4. Culture
  5. five year plans
  1. a economic goals set for increased industrial production under Joesph Stalin
  2. b the way of life that a group of people follows
  3. c process of taking active steps to prepare for war by assembling troops and supplies
  4. d arab oil producing states
  5. e a sudden overthrow of the government, usually by the millitary

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  1. this was the turning point in the war between the germans and the soviets, as a soviet counterattack encircled the german 6ht army and caused a massive surrender of german forces in early 1943
  2. $13 billion plan on the part of the united states to help rebuild europe
  3. The conflict between Communist North Korea and Non-Communist South Korea. The United Nations (led by the United States) helped South Korea.
  4. the policy of satisfying the demands of a dissastisfied power in order to keep peace - or giving in to an aggressor to keep the peace
  5. the french emerged victorious and with a strong sense of national pride, but had to rebuild since the entire war was fought on french soil; england lost and broke down into a civil war known as the war of the roses; feudalism ended for the most part due to the increased power of kings, especially to levy taxes; and an increase in the effectiveness of weapons, especially the first use of gunpowder in Europe

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  1. anthropologythe study of human life and culture by using artifacts and human remains to determine how people lived their lives


  2. hiroshimauprising


  3. patriciansgreat landowners, who became rome's ruling class


  4. schismthe greek term for a city-state, the polis became the central focus of Greek life


  5. guildbusiness association that regulated all aspects of a particular craft or business


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