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  1. Glands
  2. Endometrium
  3. Uterus
  4. Seminal vesicles
  5. Epididymis
  1. a three glands that line the male reproductive tract
  2. b lining of uterus; each month it becomes thick to prepare for fertilization; sloughed off if no fertilization
  3. c hollow muscular cavity that recieves the fertilized egg and where the fertilized fetus develops;where the egg disintegrates if not fertilized
  4. d first gland that sperm pass on their way out of body; secretes a liquid containing fructose to nourish sperm and give them energy need to swim
  5. e comma shaped structure found outside of testes; sperm travel here from testes to mature

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  1. primary female reproductive organs; produce eggs and release estrogen
  2. passageway leading from bladder to exterior of body;common outlet for semen and urine
  3. sac that houses the testes;it can raise and lower to adjust the temperature so that it is optimal for sperm development
  4. tube that carries mature egg from ovary to uterus; place where fertilization occurs
  5. lower portion of uterus;opening that leads to the vagina

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  1. Vas Deferenstube leading from epididymis to urethra; stores sperm until they are released from body


  2. Maleproduce and release sperm


  3. Vaginacollective term for the external reproductive organs of the female


  4. Glans penisthree glands that line the male reproductive tract


  5. Penislower portion of uterus;opening that leads to the vagina


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