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  1. Endometrium
  2. Bulbourethral gland
  3. Cervix
  4. Seminal vesicles
  5. Penis
  1. a organ through which urine or semen must pass to exit the body;organ by which semen is introduced to female vagina
  2. b lining of uterus; each month it becomes thick to prepare for fertilization; sloughed off if no fertilization
  3. c first gland that sperm pass on their way out of body; secretes a liquid containing fructose to nourish sperm and give them energy need to swim
  4. d lower portion of uterus;opening that leads to the vagina
  5. e last gland;small and closest to urethra secretes an alkaline substance often secreted before ejaculation to prepare urethra for sperm

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  1. passageway leading from bladder to exterior of body;common outlet for semen and urine
  2. tube leading from epididymis to urethra; stores sperm until they are released from body
  3. produce and release sperm
  4. passageway that leads from uterus to outside body;where babies pass through to be born and male's penis is introduced
  5. tube that carries mature egg from ovary to uterus; place where fertilization occurs

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  1. Ejaculationprocess of releasing an egg from the ovary


  2. Glans penisenlarged end of penis,the head


  3. Vulvacollective term for the external reproductive organs of the female


  4. Glandsthree glands that line the male reproductive tract


  5. Fimbraefingerlike projections that accept that egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube


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