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  1. Places near the equator are said to be in _____ latitudes;
  2. What geometric quality is preserved by azimuthal maps?
  3. A special map in which an area's shape and size are defined by explicit characteristics of population, economy, or distribution of any stated product.
  4. Area that has a unitary quality that derives from a homogeneous characteristic (e.g. political boundary, e.g. Florida). Also called a uniform region
  5. The study of the spatial order and associations of things. Also defined as the study of places, the study of relationships between people and environment, and the study of spatial organization.
  1. a low
  2. b Distance from pole
  3. c geography
  4. d formal region
  5. e cartogram

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  1. Area
  2. state
  3. population density
  4. location
  5. cartography

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  1. Other name for a functional regionnodal region


  2. Area that possesses regional identity, such as the Sun Belt or Deep South, but share less objective criteria in the use of this regional name. It exists in the mind of a large number of people but has no official borders.USA and Canada, Latin America, Monsoonal Asia, Oceana, Russia and near abroad, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa


  3. The Antarctic Circle is at ____° __66.5, N


  4. The domestication of plants and animals that began about 10,000 years ago.climatology


  5. Every individual's mind has a series of locations, access routes, physical and cultural characteristics of places, and often a general sense of the good or bad of locales. The term mental map is used to define such geographies.mental maps


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