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World Regional Geography - Intro Ch 1 Test

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  1. The average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer. It is a very handy statistic for generalized comparisons but often fails to provide a detailed sense of the real distribution of people.
  2. What geometric quality is preserved by azimuthal maps?
  3. Central to all geographic analysis is the concept of location. Where something is relates to all manner of influences, from climate to migration routes. It is a crucial component in trying to understand patterns of historic and economic development.
  4. What are the two ways scale is represented on a map?
  5. The size ratio represented by a map; for example, a map with a scale of 1:12,500 is portrayed as 1/12,500 of the actual size.
  1. a location
  2. b Fraction, bar
  3. c scale
  4. d population density
  5. e Distance from pole

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  1. remote sensing
  2. cartography
  3. cultural mores
  4. longitude
  5. historical geography

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  1. The study of patterns of disease diffusion, environmental impact on public health, and the interplay of geographic factors, migration, and population. With the increasing ease of international movement, medical geography is becoming more important as the potential for disease diffusion increases.medical geography


  2. The landscape modified by human transformation, thereby reflecting the cultural patterns of the resident culture.cultural landscape


  3. Area that possesses regional identity, such as the Sun Belt or Deep South, but share less objective criteria in the use of this regional name. It exists in the mind of a large number of people but has no official borders.USA and Canada, Latin America, Monsoonal Asia, Oceana, Russia and near abroad, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa


  4. The representation of distinct aspects of information shown on a map, such as stars for capital cities.symbolization


  5. What geometric quality is distorted by azimuthal maps?Distance from pole


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