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  1. Determined by the intersection of lines, such as latitude and longitude, providing an exact point expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  2. The belief systems and customs of a culture group.
  3. A portion of the earth's land surface. Geographers are interested in the transformation of natural landscapes into cultural landscapes.
  4. Maps that are drawn to show the differing distribution of goods or geographic characteristics (including population) across a broad area. Such maps are good for generalizations but often mask significant local variations in the presence of the item being mapped.
  5. What are the two ways scale is represented on a map?
  1. a Fraction, bar
  2. b cultural mores
  3. c landscape
  4. d absolute (mathematical) location
  5. e choropleth maps

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  1. Large, small
  2. mental maps
  3. functional region
  4. cultural landscape
  5. Degrees, minutes, seconds (or decimal degrees)

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  1. The Antarctic Circle is at ____° __23.5, S


  2. The size ratio represented by a map; for example, a map with a scale of 1:12,500 is portrayed as 1/12,500 of the actual size.scale


  3. The study of patterns of disease diffusion, environmental impact on public health, and the interplay of geographic factors, migration, and population. With the increasing ease of international movement, medical geography is becoming more important as the potential for disease diffusion increases.cultural geography


  4. Geographers recognize spatial distributions and patterns in Earth's physical and human characteristics. The term spatial comes from the noun space, and it relates to the distribution of various phenomena on Earth's surface. Geographers portray spatial data cartographically—that is, with maps.mental maps


  5. The study of Geography is divided into what two main sub-fields?Human, physical


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