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  1. The Tropic of Cancer is at _____° __
  2. The study of the spatial order and associations of things. Also defined as the study of places, the study of relationships between people and environment, and the study of spatial organization.
  3. Area where there is a coherent structure of areal units organized into a functioning system by lines of movement or influence that converge on a central node or trunk (e.g. USF's service area).
  4. Other name for a functional region
  5. A special map in which an area's shape and size are defined by explicit characteristics of population, economy, or distribution of any stated product.
  1. a geography
  2. b nodal region
  3. c 23.5, N
  4. d cartogram
  5. e functional region

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  1. prime meridian
  2. Human constructs
  3. landscape
  4. Large, small
  5. cartography

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  1. The scientific study of patterns and dynamics of climate.climatology


  2. Central to all geographic analysis is the concept of location. Where something is relates to all manner of influences, from climate to migration routes. It is a crucial component in trying to understand patterns of historic and economic development.location


  3. The landscape modified by human transformation, thereby reflecting the cultural patterns of the resident culture.projection


  4. That type of projection is a Mercator projection?Cylindrical


  5. The study of patterns of disease diffusion, environmental impact on public health, and the interplay of geographic factors, migration, and population. With the increasing ease of international movement, medical geography is becoming more important as the potential for disease diffusion increases.medical geography


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