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  1. Area where there is a coherent structure of areal units organized into a functioning system by lines of movement or influence that converge on a central node or trunk (e.g. USF's service area).
  2. Area that possesses regional identity, such as the Sun Belt or Deep South, but share less objective criteria in the use of this regional name. It exists in the mind of a large number of people but has no official borders.
  3. Lines of longitude that extend from pole to pole and intersect parallels of latitude.
  4. What are the principal reference lines for lines of latitude?
  5. A concern with the historical patterns of human settlement, migration, town building, and the human use of the earth. Often, this subdiscipline best blends geography and history as a perspective on human activity.
  1. a functional region
  2. b historical geography
  3. c vernacular region
  4. d meridian
  5. e Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, Antarctic circle

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  1. scale
  2. cultural mores
  3. Direction
  4. spatial
  5. nodal region

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  1. What are the geometric qualities that projections distort?area, shape, distance, direction


  2. What geometric quality is preserved by conical maps?Direction


  3. The Tropic of Cancer is at _____° __23.5, N


  4. What geometric quality is preserved by azimuthal maps?Area


  5. Places near the poles are said to be in _____ latitudes.low


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