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  1. What are the principal reference lines for lines of latitude?
  2. The study of geographic factors in political matters, including borders, political unity, and warfare.
  3. What are the principal reference lines for lines of longitude?
  4. The Antarctic Circle is at ____° __
  5. A measurement that denotes a position east or west of the prime meridian (Greenwich, England). It is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds, and meridians of longitude extend from pole to pole and intersect parallels of latitude.
  1. a Prime meridian, international date line
  2. b longitude
  3. c geopolitics
  4. d Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, Antarctic circle
  5. e 66.5, S

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  1. small-scale map
  2. Distance from pole
  3. parallel
  4. coordinate systems
  5. Formal, uniform, functional (modal)

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  1. A human construct that is often of considerable size, that has substantial internal unity or homogeneity, and that differs in significant respects from adjoining areas.small-scale map


  2. What are the 8 regions that we are studying in the text?USA and Canada, Latin America, Monsoonal Asia, Oceana, Russia and near abroad, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa


  3. Places near the poles are said to be in _____ latitudes.low


  4. How are Regions defined?Human constructs


  5. The scientific study of patterns and dynamics of climate.climatology


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