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  1. That type of projection is a Mercator projection?
  2. What are the principal reference lines for lines of latitude?
  3. Determined by the intersection of lines, such as latitude and longitude, providing an exact point expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds.
  4. The subdiscipline of geography most concerned with the climate, landforms, soils, and physiography of the earth's surface.
  5. The study of the ways in which humankind has adopted, adapted to, and modified the face of the earth, with particular attention given to cultural patterns and their associated landscapes. It also includes a culture's influence on environmental perception and assessment.
  1. a Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, Antarctic circle
  2. b physical geography
  3. c cultural geography
  4. d Cylindrical
  5. e absolute (mathematical) location

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  1. nodal region
  2. landscape
  3. The study of the spatial order and associations of things. Also defined as the study of places, the study of relationships between people and environment, and the study of spatial organization.
  4. historical geography
  5. Parallels

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  1. What makes Geography different from the other sciences?Includes both physical and human sciences


  2. A measurement that denotes position with respect to the equator and the poles. It is measured in degrees, minutes, and seconds, which are described as parallels.latitude


  3. What geometric quality is preserved by conical maps?Area


  4. Central to all geographic analysis is the concept of location. Where something is relates to all manner of influences, from climate to migration routes. It is a crucial component in trying to understand patterns of historic and economic development.location


  5. The Tropic of Capricorn is at ____° __23.5, S


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