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  1. Commonly, a nation is a term describing the citizens of a state—or that state—but it also refers to an ethnic group existing with or without a separate political entity. Nation State.
  2. What geometric quality is distorted by cylindrical maps?
  3. The earth mantle made of decomposed rock and decayed organic material.
  4. What are the two "levels" of scale, (and how does the representative fraction change for each? )
  5. That type of projection is a Mercator projection?
  1. a Large, small
  2. b soil
  3. c Cylindrical
  4. d nation
  5. e Area

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  1. prime meridian
  2. Human constructs
  3. Includes both physical and human sciences
  4. geographic analysis
  5. Formal, uniform, functional (modal)

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  1. Area where there is a coherent structure of areal units organized into a functioning system by lines of movement or influence that converge on a central node or trunk (e.g. USF's service area).area, shape, distance, direction


  2. What geometric quality is distorted by conical maps?Direction


  3. Why is GIS useful?Facilitates geographical analysis


  4. What is the essential problem of creating a map projection?Distortion of shape, area, direction (representing 3D globe in 2D)


  5. The Arctic Circle is at ____° __23.5, S


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