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  1. The distortion caused by the transfer of three-dimensional space on Earth's surface to the two dimensions of a flat map.
  2. A portion of the earth's land surface. Geographers are interested in the transformation of natural landscapes into cultural landscapes.
  3. What makes Geography different from the other sciences?
  4. Commonly, a nation is a term describing the citizens of a state—or that state—but it also refers to an ethnic group existing with or without a separate political entity. Nation State.
  5. How are Regions defined?
  1. a Human constructs
  2. b nation
  3. c landscape
  4. d Includes both physical and human sciences
  5. e projection

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  1. choropleth maps
  2. nodal region
  3. scale
  4. meridian
  5. remote sensing

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  1. What are the 8 regions that we are studying in the text?USA and Canada, Latin America, Monsoonal Asia, Oceana, Russia and near abroad, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa


  2. The domestication of plants and animals that began about 10,000 years ago.climatology


  3. A latitude line running parallel to the equator.66.5, S


  4. What are the principal reference lines for lines of latitude?Equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, Antarctic circle


  5. Places near the poles are said to be in _____ latitudes.high


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