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  1. emulsions
  2. lozenges
  3. cream
  4. tablet
  5. chewable
  1. a mixture of two liquids that do not dissolve into each other in which one liquid is spread through the other by mixing and using a stabilizer called an emulsifier
  2. b Flat disks containing a medicinal agent with a suitably flavor base that dissolve slowly in the mouth for a long period of time, releasing therapeutic ingredients.
  3. c Is a dosage form of a medication that is a semisolid preparation, usually applied externally to soothe, lubricate, or protect.
  4. d a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
  5. e preferred form for vitamins, antacids, childrens med, quickly dissolves in the mouth

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  1. into an eye
  2. a medicated solution used for gargling and rinsing the mouth & throat
  3. a small, rounded or spherical body, as of food or medicine. implantation beneath the skin example: testosterone.
  4. Extra Long
  5. controlled diffusion

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  1. granulesa dosage form larger than powders that are formed by adding very small amounts of liquid to powders


  2. liquida substance in the fluid state of matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume


  3. viala small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)


  4. intraventricularwithin a joint


  5. buccalInto the nose


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