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  1. aerosol
  2. vial
  3. transdermal
  4. mucilage
  5. otic
  1. a Suspension of small solid droplets or particles in gas or vapor (liquid under pressure).
  2. b what is a semisolid mixture of an organic substance and a medicinal agent, vegetable matter.
  3. c Pertaining to the ear.
  4. d a method of administering medication through the unbroken skin via patch or ointment
  5. e a small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)

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  1. drug formulation, the way it is to be administered
  2. Gelatin shells containing drugs in beads, powders, or liquids.
  3. into sac surrounding the lung
  4. Inactive ingredients added to medications serving as fillers, flavorings, colorings, binding agents, or bulk agents
  5. adj. giving off gas bubbles; showing high spirits or excitement example: alka-seltzer

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  1. XLextended release


  2. sublingualTablets and suppositories inserted vaginally and used to treat vaginal yeast infections and other irritations.


  3. douchea method used to cleanse the vagina and sometimes mistakenly thought to serve as a contraceptive, disinfect or removal of debris


  4. subcutaneoushomogeneous mixtures, a mixture where substances are distributed evenly. Has a solvent & solute


  5. SRsustained release


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