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  1. excipients
  2. wash
  3. intraperitoneal
  4. parenteral
  5. enema
  1. a cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water eyes or mouth
  2. b inert inactive additives to a drug formulation that affect the bulk, delivery, or availability of a drug.
  3. c taken into the body in a manner other than through the digestive canal
  4. d injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation
  5. e into abdominal cavity

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  1. long-acting
  2. tablets coated by a special chemical that resists gastric secretion but disintegrates in the intestines
  3. controlled diffusion
  4. sustained action
  5. drugs administered by inhalation enter through the mouth into the lungs. example asthma, lung disease, systemic disease

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  1. ointmentadd bulk


  2. topicalsemi-solid dosage direct application of a medication to the skin, eye, ear, or other parts of the body on mucous membranes or body cavities


  3. solutionshomogeneous mixtures, a mixture where substances are distributed evenly. Has a solvent & solute


  4. intraocularinto an eye


  5. buccalbetween the cheek and the gum


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