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  1. Chichen Itza
  2. Smoke Shell
  3. Astrology
  4. balls
  5. San Lorenzo
  1. a He built the Copán Acropolis, one of the last major accomplishments of the Mayans; he married a princess from Palenque
  2. b The site of a major ceremonial complex for the culture in #2
  3. c Courtyards were built for games involving these objects; it is probable that either the winners or losers of games played with these became human sacrifices; trees needed to produce this were common to Mesoamerica
  4. d This star-gazing superstition guided the Mayans in deciding which rival city-states to attack
  5. e Built by the Mayans, it survived the collapse of their civilization probably because of its ties with the Toltecs; it's temple was aligned with the sun at the equinoxes

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  1. Maize was descended from this grassy plant
  2. The development of this technology allowed better timing of planting and had important religious significance; the Maya computed this through 2012 A.D.
  3. This Central American culture began around 1 A.D.; their classical period lasted from 300 to 900 A.D.; they developed astronomy, a calendar, and hieroglyphic writing; they built step-pyramids and terraced cities laid out in neat grids; they practiced human sacrifice
  4. The Maya worshipped this predator
  5. They mummified their dead and made art that could only be fully seen from the air

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  1. CopanThe Maya built another ceremonial center at this site


  2. rubber"The material used to make balls; the Olmec were given their name from the word for ""Dwellers in the land of"" this material"


  3. MocheTheir culture began on the northern coast of Peru around 1 A.D.; they had no written language but did build cities and irrigation canals; like the Mesopotamians they built mud-brick buildings; they built pyramids to bury their kings like the Egyptians; their pyramids include the 525' tall Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon; they had advanced crafts and metalworking; they practiced human sacrifice


  4. fertilityMaize was descended from this grassy plant


  5. TikalThe Maya built a ceremonial center at this site


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