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  1. density
  2. isotonic
  3. eurkaryotic
  4. cytoskeleton
  5. autotroph
  1. a network of proteins, such as microtubules and microfilament, inside a eukaryotic cell that supports and shapes the cell
  2. b solution that has an equal concentration of dissolved particles compared with another solution
  3. c organism that obtains its energy from abiotic sources, such as sunlight or inorganic chemicals
  4. d The degree of compactness of a substance
  5. e cell that has a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles

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  1. chromosomes condense and spindle fibers form
  2. series of proteins in the thylakoid and mitochondria membranes that aid in converting ADP to ATP by transferring electrons
  3. ...
  4. rigid structure that gives protection, support, and shape to cells in plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria
  5. NADP + Hydrogen

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  1. organismany individual living thing


  2. catabolismall chemical processes that synthesize or break down materials within an organism


  3. adaptationinherited trait that is selected for over time because it allows organisms to better survive in their environment


  4. respirationA process in living organisms involving the production of energy, typically with the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide from the oxidation of complex organic substances


  5. ribosomescience of classifying and naming organisms


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