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  1. Genotype
  2. Descent with Modification
  3. Behavior isolation
  4. Natural Selection
  5. Vestigial Structures
  1. a Genetic makeup of an organism.
  2. b When 2 populations are capable of interbreeding, but have differences in courtship rituals or other reproductive stratagies that involve behavior.
  3. c Principle that each living species has descended with changes from other species over time.
  4. d Structures with no function, remnants of organisms past. EX: humans appendix(useless)
  5. e process by which organisms best suited to their environmental conditions are most likely to survive and reproduce-known as survival of the fittest.

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  1. Trait controlled by a single gene.
  2. Nature provided that variation and humans selected those variations that they found useful.EX:humans picking out what they want for that trait/gene.
  3. process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis.
  4. Any change in a sequence of DNA.
  5. Trait controlled by two or more genes.

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  1. EvolutionAny change in a sequence of DNA.


  2. RecombinationProcess or act of exchanges of genes between chromosomes, resulting in a different genetic combo.


  3. PhenotypePhysical characteristics of an organism.


  4. InterbreedingCauses by independent assortment and crossing over.


  5. Genetic EquilibriumSituation in which allele frequencies remain constant.


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