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  1. mitotic spindle is made of these protein structures
  2. definition of mitosis
  3. cells that contain homologous chromosomes (two of each)
  4. phase when centromeres line up along the middle of the cell
  5. chromosomes that code for the same traits
  1. a division of the nucleus of a cell
  2. b homologous
  3. c diploid cells
  4. d metaphase
  5. e microtubules

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  1. G2 phase
  2. two
  3. telophase
  4. doubling of DNA
  5. prophase

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  1. examples of cells that do not undergo mitosis (for all practical purposes)cells that become sperm or eggs


  2. phases of interphaseprophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase


  3. name for the division of the cytoplasmcytokinesis


  4. phase when the centromere splitsprophase


  5. place on a chromosome where two DNA strands joinprophase


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