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  1. number of strands of DNA in a human cell
  2. number of centrioles in a centrosome
  3. place on a chromosome where two DNA strands join
  4. phases of interphase
  5. phase in interphase when proteins and enzymes needed for cell division are made
  1. a two
  2. b G1, S, G2 phases
  3. c centromere
  4. d 46
  5. e G2 phase

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  1. meiosis
  2. doubling of DNA
  3. centromere
  4. chromatin
  5. metaphase

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  1. name for the division of the cytoplasmdivision of the nucleus of a cell


  2. cells that contain homologous chromosomes (two of each)prophase


  3. mitotic spindle is made of these protein structuresmicrotubules


  4. phase when the centromere splitsprophase


  5. phase when the sister chromatids migrate to opposite ends of the cellmetaphase


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