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  1. Sun Equilibrium:
  2. Temperature:
  3. What happens to the Sun's magnetic field lines due to rotation?
  4. Solar Constant
  5. Photosphere
  1. a When inward Gravitational Force is balanced by outward Pressure.
    *Gravity wants the sun to collapse in
    *Pressure from hot gas pulls sun outwards
    *True for every star- guarantees stability
  2. b The measurement of average kinetic energy in molecules. NOT HEAT!
  3. c The amount of the Sun's energy reaching earth. "C"
  4. d The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  5. e Field lines twist and break, creating heat as solar storms

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  1. Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION
  2. The core is super hot, but it gets cooler until you reach the transition zone, where the temperature suddenly increases dramatically!
  3. Much hotter!!
  4. 1) Core
    2) Radiation Zone
    3) Convection Zone
    4) Photosphere
    5) Chromosphere
    ---6) Transition Zone---
    7) Corona

    "Cool Rad Converse Pad Chris' Toe, Cool!"
  5. The random process of photon movement through the radiation zone to the convection zone.

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  1. The most abundant element in the Sun?Helium


  2. Coronal Holes:Holes in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  3. Why is the Sun not very dense?Occasionally field lines burst out of the surface and loop, thereby creating a sunspot pair.


  4. ChromosphereTransition from Photosphere to Corona


  5. Solar WindLarge explosion on the surface of the sun when hot gas breaks free of the magnetic field
    * emits energy
    *lasts only seconds, unlike longer prominences (but smaller and more violent)
    *can knock out electricity


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