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  1. What are spicules?
  2. Solar Constant
  3. Sun Spot Cycle
  4. What happens to the Sun's magnetic field lines due to rotation?
  5. Corona
  1. a 11 year period during which the # of sunspots rise and fall
    *The high point in the cycle=largest corona
  2. b Field lines twist and break, creating heat as solar storms
  3. c The amount of the Sun's energy reaching earth. "C"
  4. d Short-lived narrow jets of gas that last only minutes
  5. e Hot atmosphere around the Sun

    *Visible only during total solar eclipse, when both the photosphere and the chromosphere are obscured by the Moon.
    *B/C its so hot, must have internal heat source (electromag interaction?)

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  1. Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  2. Hydrogen fusion
  3. Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through CONVECTION
  4. The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  5. Helium

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  1. What do mathematic models provide us with?Info of the Sun's interior


  2. Coronal Holes:Holes in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  3. Solar WindThe outward flow of charged particles leaving the Sun


  4. Maunder Minimum:When inward Gravitational Force is balanced by outward Pressure.
    *Gravity wants the sun to collapse in
    *Pressure from hot gas pulls sun outwards
    *True for every star- guarantees stability


  5. Temperature:The measurement of average kinetic energy in molecules. NOT HEAT!


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