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  1. The numbers of sunspots and their activity peak about every:
  2. The part of the Sun we actually see is called:
  3. Spectral Analysis can tell us...
  4. Traveling OUTWARD from the surface, the main regions of the solar atmosphere are the _______, the _______, and the ________.
  5. Chromosphere
  1. a What elements are present, but only in Chromosphere and Photosphere
  2. b Chromosphere
    Transition Zone
  3. c Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  4. d Eleven years
  5. e the Photosphere

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  1. Field lines twist and break, creating heat as solar storms
  2. Sheets of ejected gas.
    *Unlike flares, these last weeks!
  3. Because its very large
  4. Occasionally field lines burst out of the surface and loop, thereby creating a sunspot pair.
  5. Cool spots that emerge from beneath the sun's surface.

    *appear darker because they are cooler (but are still very hot)
    *They are complex and magnetic
    *Come and go in pairs
    *Linked by magnetic field lines
    *Shift polarity every 11 years

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  1. Coronal Mass EjectionHoles in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  2. Solar WindLarge explosion on the surface of the sun when hot gas breaks free of the magnetic field
    * emits energy
    *lasts only seconds, unlike longer prominences (but smaller and more violent)
    *can knock out electricity


  3. Solar ConstantThe outward flow of charged particles leaving the Sun


  4. Areas around sun spots are extremely...Occasionally field lines burst out of the surface and loop, thereby creating a sunspot pair.


  5. What do mathematic models provide us with?Info of the Sun's interior


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