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  1. Flares v Prominences?
  2. What do mathematic models provide us with?
  3. The part of the Sun we actually see is called:
  4. Photosphere
  5. Compared to the underlying chromosphere, the temperature of the corona is:
  1. a Shorter: Flares
    Longer: Prominences
    Smaller: Flates
    Bigger: Prominences
    More Violent: Flares
  2. b Much hotter!!
  3. c The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  4. d the Photosphere
  5. e Info of the Sun's interior

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  1. The outward flow of charged particles leaving the Sun
  2. The time in the sun spot cycle where there are few (if any) sun spots
  3. Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  4. active!
  5. Because its very large

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  1. Random WalkThe random process of photon movement through the radiation zone to the convection zone.


  2. Which is faster, radiation or convection?Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION


  3. Solar ConstantThe amount of the Sun's energy reaching earth. "C"


  4. Coronal Holes:Holes in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  5. Solar Storms emit what?Spicules


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