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  1. The Sun has a _________ rotation of _____ days
  2. How are Sun Spots created?
  3. Solar Prominence
  4. Traveling OUTWARD from the surface, the main regions of the solar atmosphere are the _______, the _______, and the ________.
  5. Coronal Mass Ejection
  1. a Chromosphere
    Transition Zone
  2. b Sheets of ejected gas.
    *Unlike flares, these last weeks!
  3. c Occasionally field lines burst out of the surface and loop, thereby creating a sunspot pair.
  4. d *differential (inner spins faster than outer)
    *27 days
  5. e Large solar storms that blast out a cloud of a billion solar wind particles

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  1. Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  2. 1) Core
    2) Radiation Zone
    3) Convection Zone
    4) Photosphere
    5) Chromosphere
    ---6) Transition Zone---
    7) Corona

    "Cool Rad Converse Pad Chris' Toe, Cool!"
  3. The measurement of average kinetic energy in molecules. NOT HEAT!
  4. From the fraction of energy that reaches Earth
  5. Because its very large

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  1. BELOW the solar surface, in order of increasing depth, lie the ______ zone, the ______ zone, and the ______.Convection


  2. The numbers of sunspots and their activity peak about every:Eleven years


  3. Coronal Holes:Holes in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  4. CoronaHot atmosphere around the Sun

    *Visible only during total solar eclipse, when both the photosphere and the chromosphere are obscured by the Moon.
    *B/C its so hot, must have internal heat source (electromag interaction?)


  5. Convection ZoneTransfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION


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