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  1. Chromosphere
  2. The primary source of energy for the Sun is:
  3. Solar Prominence
  4. The Sun has a _________ rotation of _____ days
  5. Which is faster, radiation or convection?
  1. a Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  2. b *differential (inner spins faster than outer)
    *27 days
  3. c Hydrogen fusion
  4. d Sheets of ejected gas.
    *Unlike flares, these last weeks!
  5. e Convection

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  1. The measurement of average kinetic energy in molecules. NOT HEAT!
  2. Where nuclear fusion takes place
  3. The random process of photon movement through the radiation zone to the convection zone.
  4. The time in the sun spot cycle where there are few (if any) sun spots
  5. What elements are present, but only in Chromosphere and Photosphere

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  1. What do mathematic models provide us with?Because its very large


  2. Compared to the underlying chromosphere, the temperature of the corona is:Much hotter!!


  3. How is luminosity of the Sun calculated?From the fraction of energy that reaches Earth


  4. Sun Equilibrium:The time in the sun spot cycle where there are few (if any) sun spots


  5. CoronaHot atmosphere around the Sun

    *Visible only during total solar eclipse, when both the photosphere and the chromosphere are obscured by the Moon.
    *B/C its so hot, must have internal heat source (electromag interaction?)


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