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  1. Solar Prominence
  2. The primary source of energy for the Sun is:
  3. Coronal Mass Ejection
  4. Convection Zone
  5. Radiation Zone
  1. a Sheets of ejected gas.
    *Unlike flares, these last weeks!
  2. b Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION
  3. c Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through CONVECTION
  4. d Large solar storms that blast out a cloud of a billion solar wind particles
  5. e Hydrogen fusion

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  1. 1) Core
    2) Radiation Zone
    3) Convection Zone
    4) Photosphere
    5) Chromosphere
    ---6) Transition Zone---
    7) Corona

    "Cool Rad Converse Pad Chris' Toe, Cool!"
  2. Eleven years
  3. Much hotter!!
  4. active!
  5. Convection

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  1. Solar WindLarge explosion on the surface of the sun when hot gas breaks free of the magnetic field
    * emits energy
    *lasts only seconds, unlike longer prominences (but smaller and more violent)
    *can knock out electricity


  2. What's weird about the temperature of the Sun as you move outward?From the fraction of energy that reaches Earth


  3. Random WalkThe random process of photon movement through the radiation zone to the convection zone.


  4. Why is the Sun not very dense?Because its very large


  5. LuminosityCool spots that emerge from beneath the sun's surface.

    *appear darker because they are cooler (but are still very hot)
    *They are complex and magnetic
    *Come and go in pairs
    *Linked by magnetic field lines
    *Shift polarity every 11 years


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